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  • basin112 basin112 Dec 27, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    What will you buy in 2013?

    I have really enjoyed the MMR board, Happy New Year to all.

    I am out of MMR in my IRA, still holding in personal Acct until 2013, so do not have tax issue until 2014. Then will look at FCX and the ORRI Trust to be created.

    What would you buy in Jan 2013 in O&G? Especially LNG processing plants, conversion companies, etc. that have 2013 upside. I am thinking the NG is everywhere, and the conversion process will take time, so two areas I am wondering about: Users of NG can lock in future costs with hedges, but users will have to invest in conversions, and suppliers will have to invest in LNG facilities to be exporters. These planners and builders will make money in 2013, I think?

    Any suggestions?

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    • Basin,

      Not as informed as many on this board. However, EPD,MWE,PAA,QRE,EROC,EPP,CQP,BBEP are some that I have that pay good dividends. Many are down from their highs right now and offer exceptional dividend opportunities. One must temper the yield opportunity with whatever the final outcome of the "fiscal cliff" issue holds for us.

      Of course I still have MMR and TISDZ.

      Good Luck to you!


      Sentiment: Hold

    • basin, never have advised anyone to buy an equity. i will tell you what i did. looked at mlp's and
      bought enterprise products partners (epd). my strategy now is going for dividends. mlp's are not taxable until you sell them. if you dont want to be long,long stay away from them. kinder morgan is another thaty i am looking at.
      good investing to all

    • Happy New Year to you also, Basin and good luck trading. I am almost all in cash right now so am looking also. Worried about true nat gas plays right now. Have been reading about the East Africa discoveries and may look harder at these companies involved. I am still interested in the UD and will put some money in FCX and back in EXXI.

      Am looking at MLPs right now as a safer infrastructure play. IMO, Boardwalk Pipeline looks good as they are actively expanding pipelines to the southwest Marcellus shale play where the drillers are finding it cheaper to extract gas. I have relatives in that area and they say the expansion is incredible. But do not take my word for it. This past year I have been wrong a lot more than I have been right. Have not invested in any MLPs yet as I still have a lot of homework to do.

      Would be nice if Yahoo had just an O&G message board to get ideas. Would appreciate any of your ideas.

    • I have been selling puts on O&G names that are near lows - SGY (19's), GLF (30's), and MDR (10's) in particular. If they go down below the strike price, I buy the stock for what I feel is a good price (strike price - premium). If they do not go down below the strike price, I keep the premium and roll into some new put/writes.

      Also been picking up some SARA. Still holding some MMR, EXXI, and TISDZ - mostly in IRA. Bought a little FCX.

      Happy New Year and GLTA!