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  • swisslakes swisslakes Oct 29, 2012 2:24 AM Flag

    MSG to Logitech President, Windows 8 Marketing Team & Logitech Web site

    Power Windows 8 readiness @ Logitech site due to

    1- No mention to Windows 8 Tablets Accessories-By Platform @ Logitech site

    2-Unifying receiver on Logitech site referring to only notebook,while Windows 8 Tablets, hybrids & Ultrabooks will be the growth driver for PC accessories

    "The Unifying receiver stays in your notebook, so there’s no need to unplug it when you move around. "

    not every one a Geek knows that USB ports on Windows 8 Tablet is same on Notebooks

    3-Why no mention of Ultrabooks under "Laptop Accessories" menu @ Logitech site

    4-Logitech web site needs advertised as top of mind accessories site rather than people visit E-tailers site for accessories comparison. checking "Compete" web traffic analysis shows the drop

    5-Not every one would like to use a touch mouse, same like touchpad on notebooks, Logitech is not showing enough in the media how great to navigate with Click & wheel mouse

    6-Where the Dark Field laser tech high end mice in new Windows 8 touch range and Couch mouse tracking

    7-Logitech has great Heritage mice like MX designs that were not utilized in Windows 8

    8-Boombox (black) & i715 dock speaker signature design should be capitalized on in future products, see how Bose has a unique look & feel

    9-Android Tablets & Smartphones are under representation in Logitech range although it universally easy to access thru Bluetooth

    10-I see cheap Chromebooks from Samsung making impact, mentioned on a consumer review that Logitech mouse work, why put link for compatible accessories

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