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  • matrix_revo1utions matrix_revo1utions Apr 15, 2005 11:48 AM Flag

    C'mon sellers - unload more at $57.3

    I need as much as I can get my hands on in the low $57 range.

    My 12 bedroom beach house isn't going to pay for itself. I want your cheap stock, you retards.

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    • I assume you're margin trading options??

      I'd love to know where you're picking up quotes on options that allow those kind of margins. Where are you looking that I'm not? How are you trading with nil premiums / discounts?? If you're trading with premiums, then the numbers you're quoting are gross profit. What are you netting?? On my calcs and on the options pricings I'm seeing, you're losing money on those trades.

      Have to say that unless you can be a lot more specific, I have to agree with a previous poster that you're full of it!

    • Here we are again!!! Thanks again retarded sellers. Our orders are again filling rapidly at $57.30.

      Thanks. You've just paid for another house for me and probably an m3 cabriolet too.

      Jees, you guys are dumb shits.

    • I'm looking at 56.00/share as the support level. The last time it sank to that level was April 20th, which was a broad market bottom. There was a big rally during May, then a lot of stocks began to give back the gains. BDX is a stock that acts like that. It's pattern is to roll up and down over a range between 56.00 and 60.00. You could go back to Feb. 05 and see the same pattern. If it dips below 56.00 for more than a week all bets are off as far as this pattern goes. Remember that BDX has come up from a low of 25.00 per share in July 02 and has remained in this 56 - 60 range since Jan 05. That is a six month solid horizontal trend. Trends like that are meant to be broken at some point in time. But in which direction? I am betting it is to the upside. Even in the face of a strengthening dollar, which is not good for global companies that convert revenue into dollars, I prefer to believe that the stock will not disappoint. Except for short and rare instances in its long history, BDX has rewarded shareholders very well. Look at a three year chart (or longer) to get the big picture. These are my opinions only and I do not advise anyone to buy or sell this or any other stocks. I own BDX shares.

    • I wish we did pick up 300K yesterday. Why anyone was selling at that price is beyond me. I would have happily taken their stock at such a bargain price. There are actually 12 of us in a syndicate; we began accumulating in 1999 but as the stock rocketed to $55, we started buying heavily as it bounces back from these little dips.

      Usually pick up $2-$3 per share on the rebound. Just need to cover that crappy buy at $57.2 but I'm confident.

    • Boy, I wish I could actually see you guys. So much chat...I have visions of you sweating away in your cheapo apartments, trading the odd coupla hundred shares hoping to pick up the odd few bucks for a six pack o' cheap beer.

      Or maybe talk - cos that comes as cheap....
      Get a life - or if I'm wrong, a huge dose of humility!!!!

    • The road of life is paved with dreams. If you have not dreamed, I feel sorry for you. If you invest and make money, I am happy for you. I am living my dreams and am happy.

    • Can anyone recommend a cheap beer I can drink while waiting for BDX to go back up to $59?

    • Canadian Ace, brewed in Hammonton, New Jersey. Lots of Canadians in Hammonton, eh? As in life, with beer, you pay for what you get. If price is no object, Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic. If it's got to be low-calorie, go with Amstel Light or Sam Adams Light.

    • I suggest near beer seeing how the govt is finally cracking down on the medical industry for years of price fixing and over pricing. Drugs are in the spotlight right now but it won't be long before the medical device makers are targeted.

    • Hi Hebeejebee2003. With your Buffet like investment skills and insight, please can you answer the following:

      When will car manufacturers be "in the spotlight", as you say? I'm convinced that Ferrari and Lamborghini are fixing their prices and overcharging.

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