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  • okhmmmwhatever okhmmmwhatever Dec 14, 2007 10:47 AM Flag

    potential buyout axk

    I saw this on the AXK news but not on the bdx news. It sounds interesting and could be a fine aquisition as mrsa is a dangerous infection and axk can supposedly detect the strains very quickly.

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    • Guess, how fast is the test compared to the CPHD's one ? My understanding is that cepheid's MRSA test is done in less than an hour.

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      • Danova --
        here is a quote from AXK's press release about a recent patent allowance:

        "The BACcel system rapidly identifies bacteria and their major resistance mechanisms, but eliminates the need for cultures. Today�s standard lab methods typically require 2-3 days to perform tests because they require extensive growth of bacterial cultures. The BACcel can identify and count bacteria within 2 hours after specimen access, and identify major resistance mechanisms within 6 hours."

        Full disclosure: I'm a longtime AXK investor, and, to the extent I understand the technology (and I am the first to admit that my understanding is very limited), I am a firm believer in it. I believe that there are some very significant differences between potential uses of the AXK technology and of the CPHD technology -- so one does not preclude the other.

        I believe that a very mutually beneficial deal can and should be worked out between AXK and BDX. AXK does not have the resources to fully maximize the commercial viability of the technology, but, as I understand it, the underlying technology is really very good and very unique. BDX can take that technology and, with their finacial and industrial clout, make the AXK technology a standard test for huge segments of the hopsital population.

        AXK is openly shopping themselves -- and/or their technology -- and I firmly believe that they will get a buyer. I'd love to see it be BDX because I think BDX is a player who can maximize the commercial applicability of the technology. I sincerely hope the two organizations can negotiate a mutually benefcial deal. Based on nothing but the blowing of the wind, I predicted that BDX would pay 0.39 shares of BDX for each share of AXK. Obviously, this is mere speculation on my part (some would say it is wild-eyed dreaming to hope for such a price -- others would say that AXK was selling out too cheaply).

        Anyone else want to play the game of guess what management will do?

        -- Balk

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