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  • drphibeswax drphibeswax Feb 18, 2009 3:04 PM Flag

    Oil Price

    That's what I figured, pet_wolverine.

    I'm pretty optimistic as I understand that the FY09 budget figure is $125 per barrel. Resin prices have dropped considerably based upon the raw oil cost, processing costs and lower catalyst costs.

    A "rough" calculation for an average manufacturing facility with an estiamte of say 600,000,000 moulded parts per annum could yield a positive difference of around $100,000 per month in resin prices against budget. Multiply that by the number of moulding facilities in BD.....

    Vanishpointinvestor; I'm assuming a standard resin silo is a few tonnes, which would be used in a few days so price changes would propagate through pretty quickly. I notice that you were also rating RVP a strong buy when the price was around $8.00!!!!

    Judging from the last "lawsuit", RVP share price was decimated while BD stock rocketed by a huge percentage.

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