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  • Anybody hear any rumours for the recent runup? Takeover? New products? Sales increases? Can the runup continue? Comments please.

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    • This is a well managed company that is focusing on many fronts.
      Top line growth, cost containment, overseas expansion.

      The reason for periods of lackluster performance is a company with little name recognition. Most people associated with their products etc. know them as BD, not Becton Dickinson. Rises and falls move with stock market coverage. Recent publication of "Strong Buy" biggest impact.

      This is a company that has high free cash flow and is starting to invest that money with new acquisitions and not only BD stock buybacks. Don't wait for large pull backs, my experience is that this is a stock that moves up, plateaus, and waits for the next positive publication.

      If any of you are long term investors, get on board now and get ready for a long term ride up as any market this company enters, they dominate the market share in it.

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      • Just got back from 6 days in Mexico on the beach with no English newspapers. WOW what a great run up in the past five trading sessions. Thanks to all of you who helped me to make the decision to stick with Becton. I will try to tell you all tomorrow at what price they split the last two times. They might be getting near that price again and the same pattern might hold true again. I hope to give you the last 2 spilts and the dates they happened.

    • I think the answer to the most recent move is based on simple value recognition. Strong company with share leading (almost
      dominating) positions in its core businesses. New interest probably comes from most recent annual report. Emphasis on BD role in global
      health. New syringe for prefilled segment of their market that is revolutionary in concept. No plunger, metered dose, cost-effective
      approach to the high end pharmaceutical delivery market segments outside of the US and Europe where they are apparently already the
      leader. Seems to portend a whole new surge in the highest margin segments of business.

      How can you not like the value of meat and potatoes when the market is wanting to disgorge nutritionless fluff??

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