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  • YoureSoSmart YoureSoSmart Jul 7, 1998 9:10 PM Flag

    Don't Sweat It nic nic

    Sometimes people just get jealous of companies
    that produce good products that are in demand.BD
    happens to be one of those companies.When using sharp
    objects, care is required.So at din din be extra careful
    with that knife.

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    • BD is a good company with good products. Why are
      they engaging in predatory and illegal tactics to keep
      another Great product out of the marketplace. Ask the
      health care employees who have AIDS or hepatitis because
      of needle sticks. Ever hear of The Sherman
      Anti-Trust Act?

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      • so I think you should explain where you are
        coming from when you use such strong words. Give us some
        specifics please otherwise I will ignore you in the future.
        I really think most of us are pretty good citizens
        and want to do the right thing and by owning BDX we
        know the good that they do in the unless
        you explain yourself good bye. By the way good
        investing to you and your family.

      • Strong words. You obviously do not know BD's track record on safety. Watching the stock hit new highs every day leads me to believe not many people share your point of view.

      • You need to understand the healthcare industry
        prior to making such a claim. BD cannot lock anyone out
        of the market, however major health care purchasing
        groups might. In other words, unless you can offer a
        comprehensive line of healthcare products at substantially low
        cost, it is very difficult to break into the market
        with a new product. Incidentally, do you know what
        those new products you speak of cost? On a higher
        level, you are of course correct in that needle sticks
        should be prevented at any cost, however the market has
        put a price on what they are willing to pay for this
        effort. BD did not, so if you have evidence of predatory
        and illegal practices by BD, I suggest you come
        forward with them. If you don't, please don't make
        suggestive comments.

    • I agree almost fully with the previous post. Gary
      Cohen has been "groomed" for the position of CEO for
      the past several years via various assignments,
      including having the responsibility for both all of BD's
      European operations and one of BD's more successful
      businesses (Sample Collection/ VACUTAINER Systems). If I'm
      not mistaken, he has worked for BD since he finished
      college some 20 years or so ago.

      Looking to the
      future, I urge all BD followers to look into BD's
      "Project Genisis". If I'm not mistaken, it is an
      unprecedented move in the history of corporate America to link
      every aspect of the company into one unified
      information system. This includes businesses, functions, and
      regions. This project was spearheaded by new XVP Ed

      I have the utmost faith in Becton Dickinson, and I
      only wish that I invested in the Company

      Best of luck to all of you.

    • I believe that the most recent stock split was
      exactly two years ago. August 1996.Yours cost basis in
      the total stock that you purchased has not changed.
      If you bought 100 shares at $50 = $5000, you now
      have 200 at $25 = $5000. The market price of the
      shares is also cut in half. So, you won't be giving any
      more to Uncle Sam than at any other time. So, I don't
      understand your point regarding "to the point where one
      couldn't sell".Happy investing to all

    • Sorry, just trying to make a point.
      Thanks for the comment
      By the way, I heard that greenspan is on the message board, he goes by greenspam
      Good Luck and
      Gods speed

    • for specifics on the last stock split.

    • That is the way it was. You have obviously not worked at BDX as it "transforms". That's it.

    • I'm confused. My friends at BD told me that
      Ludwig and Cohen are not interested in the CEO position.
      Is one of them truly next in line to run BD? Is
      everyone just speculating or is there really a succesion
      plan in place? We don't need any in-fighting right

    • I see you have a problem with freedom of speech.
      I don't agree with Msg 291 either, but I most
      certainly disagree with blocking others opinions especially
      when YOU don't agree with them!!!!!

      Thumbs up
      to BDX

    • Hear ! Hear ! to the previous comment. If there
      is a personal ax to grind, it is in order to find
      the appropriate forum in which to "grind it ". This
      is for information about the company, not about one
      indiidual's possible problem.

      BDX is the worlds
      largest manufacturer and distributor of disposable
      syringes. Consider the potential for this product ( only )
      on distribution to third world and undeveloped
      countries. It is immense. As a user of this product, at
      various times, there is quality at a very inexpensive

      Consider also that this is merely an adjunct to the other
      products, and their R & D , and you have a long term (2-4 )
      years winnder.

      Buy now, boy more, and relax and
      enjoy the ride up.

      Good investing to all . .


    • My friend that works at BD tells me that
      Castellini is ready to retire and that the company will be
      lead by co-presidents named Ludwig and Cohen. Why
      would Castellini leave now in the middle of his so
      called transformation plan? If it's true...what does it
      mean to the company going forward? Any more info or
      comments are appreciated.

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