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  • YoureSoSmart YoureSoSmart Jul 7, 1998 9:10 PM Flag

    Don't Sweat It nic nic

    Sometimes people just get jealous of companies
    that produce good products that are in demand.BD
    happens to be one of those companies.When using sharp
    objects, care is required.So at din din be extra careful
    with that knife.

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    • I agree almost fully with the previous post. Gary
      Cohen has been "groomed" for the position of CEO for
      the past several years via various assignments,
      including having the responsibility for both all of BD's
      European operations and one of BD's more successful
      businesses (Sample Collection/ VACUTAINER Systems). If I'm
      not mistaken, he has worked for BD since he finished
      college some 20 years or so ago.

      Looking to the
      future, I urge all BD followers to look into BD's
      "Project Genisis". If I'm not mistaken, it is an
      unprecedented move in the history of corporate America to link
      every aspect of the company into one unified
      information system. This includes businesses, functions, and
      regions. This project was spearheaded by new XVP Ed

      I have the utmost faith in Becton Dickinson, and I
      only wish that I invested in the Company

      Best of luck to all of you.

    • If Cohen is on deck to be CEO, then we
      shareholders will be very pleased for a long time to come.
      After having the privelage to work with Gary for a
      while when I was at BD, I realize that this company
      will be in very good hands if Gary is next in line for
      CEO. He is relatively young, but has sound ideas and
      has great marketing savvy to take this company a long
      way. In the past 5 years, BD has asked him to go
      through plenty of cross-training in other disciplines
      within the company (manufacturing, QA, research, etc. to
      name a few) to round out his knowledge of the total
      business and not just the marketing side of it. He has
      definitley been groomed to be the successor. This guy is the
      real thing and he is the kind of guy that looks
      forward to new challenges and taking this company to
      places it still has not traveled. We are in good hands
      with Gary Cohen once he suceeds Clateo.

    • I'm confused. My friends at BD told me that
      Ludwig and Cohen are not interested in the CEO position.
      Is one of them truly next in line to run BD? Is
      everyone just speculating or is there really a succesion
      plan in place? We don't need any in-fighting right

    • for specifics on the last stock split.

    • I believe that the most recent stock split was
      exactly two years ago. August 1996.Yours cost basis in
      the total stock that you purchased has not changed.
      If you bought 100 shares at $50 = $5000, you now
      have 200 at $25 = $5000. The market price of the
      shares is also cut in half. So, you won't be giving any
      more to Uncle Sam than at any other time. So, I don't
      understand your point regarding "to the point where one
      couldn't sell".Happy investing to all

    • My memory is getting faulty with age, but I seem
      to recall that BDX split 2/1 about 18 months ago. I
      am not certain of the time frame. Does anyone recall
      that ?

      If that is so, then I would think that
      the currently proposed split operates to reduce your
      cost, on a split adjusted basis , to the point where
      one couldn't sell. Otherwise, Your friendly
      Government ( and mine ) would take the lion's share of the

      A real dilemma. However, as an invesment,
      this one is hard to beat.

      Hang on, enjoy the
      ride, and make many $$$ . . .


    • Bought in as a stock split play, but this baby is
      a rock! May go longer. It is normal for insiders to
      sell of a portion of their stocks to do other things.
      Look at Paul Allen! Hey the wife may have wanted a
      bigger house, and of course you can't park an old car in
      front of the new house.

    • is more likely due to the need to diversify their
      portfolio rather than raise money to exercise stock

      Senior executives are more likely to swap shares already
      owned to yield a net amount after paying of the shares
      and paying taxes with the previously owned

      With all the appreciation in BDX shares recently the
      senior guys have to diversify their holdings.

    • Sorry, just trying to make a point.
      Thanks for the comment
      By the way, I heard that greenspan is on the message board, he goes by greenspam
      Good Luck and
      Gods speed

    • The only individual that can make the market drop
      300 points is Alan Greenspan and I don't think he
      spends any time on these message boards!

      are saying that that jerk Ralph Acampora's bearish
      remarks made the market tank, but it should be noted that
      the market was already down 200 points before he said
      anything at all . The day before he was saying the Dow was
      going to 10,000!

      By the way, IMHO...I believe
      that the insiders are selling their commons to raise
      cash so that they can exercise their options and take
      advantage of the huge runup this year. It's done this way
      all the time and is nothing to be concerned about!

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