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  • jimdat jimdat Oct 20, 1998 7:59 PM Flag

    check is in the mail

    sent my check this evening to first chicago trust
    (direct stock purchase)looking forward to watching
    continuing growth of this the way, young
    investor if you are truly 17y/o, you know your shit
    man!!!!!!!!good luck!!! JIM

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    • Thanks...Although I am only 17, I find
      researching stocks interesting. After a long time of
      persuading my parents to buy BDX for me for my graduation
      gift, they finally did. They prefer mutual funds
      because they think they are safer, but I think you don't
      need a lot of diversification (more than 11 stocks) to
      be successful. Just dont make mistakes.
      I wanted to ask you about the DRIPs. I already own
      shares, and I have been to the website that talks about
      them. DO you know if I have to fill something out or
      what I should do to enter into this program? My
      economics teacher told me he started out using these, and I
      like the idea of accumulation.


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      • For what it's worth, when I purchased stock in
        BDX, one of the first packages I received from the
        company concerned their divendend reinvestment options.
        There was a form to fill out and mail back where you
        told them how to reinvest and gave your permission to
        do so.

        You must own the stock in "your name"
        and have the certificates to participate in the DRIP.
        If your broker holds the shares in "street name" you
        will need to get the certificates transfered to your
        name and hold them yourself. Otherwise, BDX does not
        "know" who you are.... Hope this helps

      • check out there is a wealth
        of info there.or go to any search engine and type in
        d.r.i.p.s.or dividend reinvestment programs. another great
        stock is everything you would
        ever want to know is on these sights.. i have been in
        drips for about 2 years now and its a fantastic way to
        invest small amounts over a period of time, plus when
        the market is very volatile and prices drop its a
        great time to make optional cash payments!!!i have
        drips in lucent,johnson controls,wisconsin energy, home
        depot and now becton dickenson... with a good majority
        of companies you can call them direct and ask for a
        drip prospectus and application and send your money to
        whatever bank carries them...another fantastic info is a
        book by charles carlson called "buying stocks without
        a broker"...GREAT BOOK!hope i helped you out!!keep
        up the great work!!JIM

      • Does anyone know what the opening was all about
        today? All that I know is that Goldman and Schwab were
        huge buyers of the opening, and that is what caused
        the stock to open up $4+ this morning. Did the
        specialist just rape the order? If so, why was there
        increased buying activity yesterday in the BDX options on
        the PHLX? It seems that there is some news out there,
        does anyone KNOW what it is? I'm not interested in
        guesses, I am looking for actual news. When I spoke with
        the company today, they seemed to say they were just
        as surprised by the move as I was. If there is no
        news out there, why, all of a sudden, was there 2 very
        large buyers that bought over 200,000 shares at $49 1/2
        this morning??? Any ideas would be welcome.

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