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  • delphi123 delphi123 Oct 26, 1998 4:18 PM Flag

    What's Happening?

    The stock has been sliding since that mysterious
    one day spurt upward last week... Does anyone have
    the slightest idea as to what is happening? Does
    anyone VISIT this board anymore????? Any comments would
    be appreciated.

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    • I don't get a sense that the company's efforts to
      grow fast are in reaction to fear of being taken over.
      The driving force seems to be to remain a leader in
      the medical products industry. This is a positive
      rather than negative motivation. I recall that the CEO
      has been asked point blank on CNBC if a takeover
      could be in the cards someday, and he gave several
      reasons why not.
      Pushing to double revenues simply to
      avoid a takeover by a company like Abbott Labs would
      not work, because even at double the company size, it
      would still fit in Abbott's hip pocket.
      There is not
      a deterent force in this. If it happens, it happens
      for other reasons.

      Rather than being taken
      over, I could more easily see BD making a large
      acquisition to accomplish its growth and revenue goals. This
      is the more likely scenario, and the one that will
      drive the stock price, as have recent acquisitions.
      Being open. Being honest. Meeting the commitments made
      to investors is where this company lives

      . I
      could see BD becoming the kind of company Warren Buffet
      would invest in as a permanent holding. It would be a
      nice feeling to have been investing in BD for 20 years
      before Buffet gave recognition to the company.

    • believe stock hit stop point by CHARTIST a great stock picker, if so, sold off because of them

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      • Where do you get your information? Do you mean
        that a stop loss point was reached on the downside,
        which would accelerate the selling, or do you mean that
        the stock fulfilled it's upside target, so now we
        should get out of it?
        I, for one, am completely
        baffeled by the action of the stock. I can see from the
        way it trades that the specialist is ready to let the
        stock run to the upside, but as soon as it sticks it
        head up, another size seller comes in and whacks the
        bid. This is amazing considering the 49 1/2 opening
        the other day, and now the stock is around 40. I'm
        looking for any ideas!!!

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