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  • byorsell byorsell Jan 21, 1999 12:03 PM Flag

    So my puts are worthless?

    Was yesterday a headfake or what? I still think there's trouble lurking..

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    • candidness. You are a breath of fresh air on this
      board. I don't know what CLARA's problem is and if there
      are any of BDX management employees that monitor this
      board then I would suggest that they evaluate what
      CLARA has stated as fact and then see how libelous her
      statements are and if untrue take her to court and make her
      prove just how bad BDX really is in it's control of the
      market place. I also read the annual statement and
      didn't see anything in the area of litigion to be really
      concerned about. Again I say to you thanks for your sense
      of responsibility and willingness to share it with
      us who are BDX stockholders and proud of that fact.
      Good investing to you and your family.

    • Sell short and shut up!

      Where do you get
      your "facts", inquiring minds wanna know.

      Regarding your earlier comment in message # 595 "Each
      sticks requires 2 to 3 thousand $$$'s of after care
      costs. BDX products are responsible for at least 80% of
      them". Being that BDX has over an 80% share in the US
      syringe market, and you say they have 80% of the sticks,
      I think they are doing pretty well. Better buy
      those short shares now BDX is on the uptick.

    • Sounds like some BDX competitors are trying to
      start up some hype on this board. If you knew some
      Facts it might help you to write something that is
      truthful : ) I used needles for 10 years in a hospital.
      Unfortunately I was stuck with a needle twice. Did I blame the
      company that made the product?? No.... that thought never
      occured because I knew it was my was an
      accident & I take full responsibility for it. ( I put on
      gloves that were too large for my hands).. I should have
      searched for the correct glove size before taking blood
      from the patient, but because I was under a time
      restraint...I settled for the larger gloves. It was the
      combination of not having the proper grip on the needle and
      the patient suddenly jerking his arm that caused my
      needle stick.... not the needle itself. That happened
      after approx 5 years of experience using needles. The
      first needle stick occured when I just began to work in
      a hospital.. Truthfully I don't feel that I was
      properly trained on the little details that are Sooo
      IMPORTANT in the medical profession. I went to discard a
      needle in the container not realizing that the person
      before me did not properly discard their needle & it was
      sticking out of the container which had caught my finger
      when I went to throw my needle out. Detailed and
      Proper training by the employer (hospital) would have
      helped me be aware of the things to be cautious of
      especially being new & just learning the process. ***This
      seems to be the scenerio I'm reading on this board
      >> It's like saying a guy gets into a car accident
      because he chose not to use his turn signal & blames the
      manufacturer of his car instead*** Take Responsiblity !!

    • The impression I get from this person is that
      she's probably one of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit
      against BDX and it's in her best interest to undermine
      and badmouth the company. Clara, honey, why don't you
      just take your ax and grind it elsewhere....

    • Perhaps if you knew your facts you would know
      that BD was a prime mover in getting the CA laws
      passed!! Where is all that hatred of a decent company
      coming from. You really need to calm down look at the
      facts and who is this company that BD is keeping out of
      the market--superior products are what sells in the
      market place.

    • While it may be true that BDX has invested in
      numerous technologies over the last several years
      including some safety technology, they are destined for
      certain failure because they do not compete for market
      share. Stupidly they have used the GPOs and exclusive
      contracts to eliminate other competitors from their
      industry and as a result have stopped listening to their
      customers. Products they now bring to the market place have
      not been developed in conjunction with the end users.
      For example, their safety sheath syringe was
      developed by their engineering staff to save their existing
      technology. Putting a cover sheath over a dangerous product
      that brings the left hand into use for operation is so
      incredibly stupid that no health care worker would have
      recommended such a device. But then BDX no longer listens to
      customers and instead relies on their monopolistic control
      of the market. That is just one example of their
      safety efforts. Their thin walled sharps boxes that had
      to be recalled the same year they stole the market
      from Sage through their Premiere affliation is
      another. Vaccuum tubes that shatter because they still use
      glass when Europe has already converted to plastic is
      another area of liability that will undoubtedly mature.
      The question as to how they got in this mess was
      their failure to follow the laws of this nation
      regarding a free market . The only question left is "do
      they or do they not survive the tremendous animosity
      and liability they have brought upon themeselves
      through their brash disregard for the customers and the
      American public ?"

    • This array of state-of-the-art medical devices is
      unrivaled by any other company in the world!

      is no company that has committed more money, human
      resources, or technological know-how to reduce sharps
      than BDX.

    • The question being responded to is "Do guns kill,
      or is it the person who pulls the trigger ?" The
      answer is obviously both. However, the the ultimate
      purpose of a gun is to kill whereas the ultimate purpose
      of a syringe is to eradicate disease. If BDX's
      objective is to ethnically cleanse the continent of Africa
      and kill women and minorities who work in healthcare
      in the United States then I would agree that they
      have a hell of a product line. Fortunately, since the
      customers are American citizens with a higher ethical
      standard I believe that the class action suits in process
      will ultimately destroy BDX before they destroy the
      practice of medicine. If you think their company will not
      end up like DOW chemical with their breast implant
      division and you don't care about whether horrific
      diseases are spread in the community this maybe an
      excellent buying opportunity for BDX stock. Personally, I
      believe their market cap is somewhat high for a company
      being sued for millions of preventable injuries when
      superior technology is available.

    • I agree with your comment, but unfortunately in
      AMerica it is the guns that kill people. If someone
      accidently sticks himself with a syringe, it isnt his fault,
      it is the company's fault that made the syringe, the
      hospital the employee was working at, and the patient that
      was getting the injection. Nobody takes
      responsibility anymore for their actions, and that just sucks. A
      judge should step up and do the right thing: throw
      those lawsuits out of court.

    • Do guns kill,or is it the person who pulls the trigger?

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