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  • bdworker bdworker Jun 29, 1999 8:45 AM Flag

    trouble in paradise

    bd has to realize that it needs to trim at the
    top. until this is addressed the worker moral and
    production will remain lower than it could be. bd is a
    pretty good company but its management does not tap the
    resources available to it. it is too hung up on the notion
    that unless you have a bs degree you don't know
    anything. the workers see what the problems are,but
    management is slow to learn.due to this the stock price will
    be slow to recover

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    • Hey BD-worker,

      What plant do you come from, maybe we can swap war stories

    • Watch for an interesting BDX announcement this afternoon.

    • BD's insulin syringe has been the ultimate Golden
      Goose, delivering huge profits from the early 1980's
      when Ralph Larsen (yes, that Ralph Larsen) convinced
      Jack Howe to invest behind this gold mine. He built a
      focused franchise and truly differentiated the offering.
      Unfortunately for BD and its Diabetes Business, the goose only
      layed one egg-the insulin syringe. They have never been
      able to develop and launch new products or services.
      In the mid 1980's they dropped the ball on a blood
      glucose business three months before launch; they ignored
      Novo's overtures on insulin pens, and they butchered an
      insulin pump business that was sucessfull in Europe. Why
      all these fiascos? Two reasons: One, BD is, plain and
      simply, lousy at developing new products. Two:
      management. Upper management leaves the same people in their
      jobs despite their record of failure.( Who wants to
      bet that the person behind the recent blood glucose
      disaster has his/her fingerprints on several other
      "beauts".) This is surely to protect their own jobs because
      using performance-basd criteria would cost upper
      management their jobs.
      This latest reorganization will
      shuffle the deck to cut some costs at the expense of one
      of their most profitable businesses. Starving the
      goose is not a long term strategy.
      Our only hope is
      that Castellini is looking for a buyout partner
      (Tyco??) to increase the value of all his options before
      he retires and moves back to Italy. We can't depend
      on the new CEO to do this, because he is probably
      too concerned with feathering his nest. Good
      investing to all.

    • Even if you tell top management about dumb
      decisions being made (like wrong head count cuts,
      mis-management, bad conduct, unprofessional behaviour on senior
      level) they all protect eachother anyhow... Maybe the
      time has come to hire a crisis manager....

    • When showing me how to self-inject, my doctor
      told me "don't worry, you won't have to be doing this
      long, as everyone will be inhaling insulin by the end
      of next year." What effect will this have on BDX? I
      don't have any problems with its syringes (in fact
      they're great!) and I think they must have a huge, huge
      market share (haven't met anyone who uses anything else)
      but the product, for diabetics anyway, may become
      obsolete pretty fast. But I assume diabetic syringes are a
      pretty small part of BDX's revenue?

    • All of your positive comments, such as those of
      bdworker. I'm still a fact my DRIP now buys MORE
      than it did when I got in a year ago at around 42. I
      know the history of BDX is too good to ignore or to
      stay this low very long. I'm in for the long run,
      although, like everyone, I too like some short term growth.

    • Here's a site I've been enjoying: . Worth passing on, enjoy!

    • Yes, you nailed one of the problems on the head.

    • Scott,
      Thank-you for this information. It is
      spelled out right in the BDX Brochure. Every 5 days.

      My current DRiP/DSPPs are BDX, PFE. Both started
      this year. Loading up on PFE as well.
      Under study
      in order of priority is JNJ, WLA, SGP,
      Obviously this is a health sector portfolio. It's
      interesting to me. With this area generally beaten down by
      all kinds of circumstantial events, the long term
      buy/hold investor should do well.

    • ...would be very welcome right now.

      news for us Longs: At least the dividend yield
      growing every day. Ha ha ha!!

      I'm still buying a
      few more shares every Thursday. Gotta
      load-up at
      these prices.

      -Scott, BDX DRiPper

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