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  • bdworker bdworker Jun 29, 1999 8:45 AM Flag

    trouble in paradise

    bd has to realize that it needs to trim at the
    top. until this is addressed the worker moral and
    production will remain lower than it could be. bd is a
    pretty good company but its management does not tap the
    resources available to it. it is too hung up on the notion
    that unless you have a bs degree you don't know
    anything. the workers see what the problems are,but
    management is slow to learn.due to this the stock price will
    be slow to recover

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    • Hey BD-worker,

      What plant do you come from, maybe we can swap war stories

    • Got that one right!

    • The bear got stuck with one of Becton's needles and is going ape and that's no bull.

    • that stock is starting to zoom again.....they
      just absorbed alligiance, which deals in hospital
      supplies distributions, and book keeping.....could bdx,
      smell good to them? I hope a hope..
      i don't like to
      spread rumors, but, i think a dream is not so

    • I thought earnings release date is more like July 23?

    • There is always disgruntled employees posting on
      the message boards. There was even an article about a
      few cases of this happening last week in the Journal.
      I think the company they were talking about was
      Healthsouth. The slander got so bad that the CEO found himself
      responding to the message board rumors at investor
      functions. The company tracked down the folks posting the
      rumors and found out one of them was the spouse of a
      recently fired employee. I forget what the other message
      poster's situation- it's a pretty good article.

      Also, another reason they may be trashing their
      employer is that they may have options that are going to
      be priced soon. I would want them priced as low as
      possible, wouldn't you. I doubt this is the case.

      BDX is going to be under pressure near term here for
      a while anyway. There is a large seller out there.
      Fidelity funds owned 15% of the company according to their
      filings from 3/31/99. Oppenheimer owned 8% on that same
      date. It seems like one of these guys is blowing out of
      this right now. I view this as a great long term
      opportunity to get a high quality company at a fair price.

    • I work in a hospital and virtually everyone I
      pass in the hallways is disgruntled. Big deal. Griping
      on Yahoo is free. BDX has made the '100 Stocks to
      Own' list in two books by the same name. Is it gonna
      be 70 in two years? I'll be happy if it's 46-50.

    • Your post was informative and correct. I am a
      relative new BDX DRIP investor (a year) but have invested
      heavily in ABT for 15 years. I have seen ABT go through
      many ups and downs for the years and for those that
      hang in and keep investing we end up smiling. I agree
      with no attention to disgruntled employee
      postings. If he/she is so unhappy why don't they quit.
      continue to buy BDX...and liked the little run-up today.

    • Maybe I am giving the wrong impression. What I am
      trying to say is that there are some serious problems
      with the leadership at bdx. To sugarcoat a problem is
      not helping anyone including stockholders and
      employees. Bdx is a good company with good people. It needs
      major thinning in the ivory tower. We are losing very
      good people to other company's due to the fact that
      bdx management is out of touch with the best recource
      it's people. This will hurt us in the long
      run. I have a good feeling that it is starting to be
      realized among certain managers and they are trying to
      change it by addressing it at thier level. I still
      believe in bdx and it's potential growth but these things
      must and should be addressed for the good of all.

    • Is there a problem with the communication lines
      between the bottom and the top, and if so is there any
      sign of the upper management correcting this

      I've heard stories of managment structures that become
      flawed over time due to the unrealistic expectations of
      upper management. Some examples may be Sunbeam and
      Lockheed Martin. The middle managers are pushed so hard to
      come up with the right numbers that they start holding
      bits of information back from the upper management.
      This is a formula for a breakdown. Do you feel this is
      what has happened at BDX?

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