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  • sealockw sealockw Oct 18, 1999 7:36 PM Flag


    sorry to throw a half full glass of water on all this doom and gloom but for what its worth there is a rather positive article on BDX in the latest Smart Money magazine

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    • Premiums are dependent on a number of variables:
      How much the buyer is set on the acquistition; how
      accretive it would be; whether the buyout is stock or cash
      (the former is a discount way to purchase others, and
      managements are generally more willing to be generous with
      paper); etc.

      Given the mixed quality of BDX's
      assets, I would tend to agree with batman53 that a
      premium of 30% to perhaps 40% would be the most likely
      offer tended.

      An offer which would be almost
      certainly declined.

    • Mr. Pelliginio where are you? The only salvation
      is if BDX is bought out. But then at what multiple
      times the share price? Will someone pay the average 40x
      share price? I am starting to think not. BDX has too
      many costly and non producing assets such as the white
      elephant Franklin Lakes Headquarters. You should see this
      monument to excess!
      I for one will hang on to my BDX
      shares for the time, hoping for a buy out. Perhaps we
      can get a 30% premiun over the current $26 per share
      price. This will put the price at about $34. I would
      take that and run.

    • Simple,
      The details of financial information
      as it applies to product lines and individual units
      and subsidiaries is not available to the general
      public in any of the SEC or annual report filings.
      Whenever articles mention specifics such as these then you
      know the source is the company. Remember that BD puts
      on a dog and pony show for the analyst every quarter
      to put a "positive spin" on its financial results.
      Some companies like J&J do not do this, frankly
      because they do not need to, since the financial
      performance speaks for itself.

    • On what do you base your opinion that the sole source of the information in the SmartMoney article was BDX?

    • I was unable to find the BDX article in the on-line edition of SmartMoney magazine. It usually has everything the print edition has. What latest month are you referring to?

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