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  • gsptman gsptman Mar 25, 2000 8:59 AM Flag

    watching e-mail

    IS this because of email police?

    Does anyone have any idea about the MEDC relationship
    and whether or not this is a piece to the long term
    puzzle or just some garnish for a potential suitor of

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    • Well BD is back to where it began at $28 per
      share. The take over BS is over, and now that the smoke
      has cleared what remains is the same old BD. MR
      I think that the market
      will take this stock lower trying to break through
      $25. At present
      it is a good short. There is
      nothing to propel this stock. Management has zero
      credibility with the Street, and the major income producing
      product lines continue to age. The financial returns on
      acquisitions over the last several years have been poor. Much
      money has been sunk into a plant in China which now is
      looking like a questionable move.
      What is there good
      to talk about? Tell me MR PELLIGRENO I am all ears.

      • 2 Replies to batman5391
      • Who annointed you the BD expert? Do you have some
        inside info? I work for BD and while I'll admit that
        there are some problems, they are short term and the
        future looks very bright. No company is positioned as
        well as BD to meet the demand for safety products,
        created by the OSHA mandate, in all areas of medical
        practice; surgery, IV administration, blood collection,
        injections and final disposal. Our technology is cutting
        edge in most of these areas and there are improvenents
        on the way. The stock price is a result of Clateo's
        over zealous promise to Wall Street. I think it is a
        steal right now and look for $40 by the end of the
        year. Sell short and hold onto your shorts.

      • Batman is right on...investors need to hear
        something!!!!!Unfortunately, Batman, I too am a "all ears" waiting for his
        response...should be more brains and get out of this loser! I am
        really closr to cutting my and admiting BD was a
        mistake. My money has laid here for over a yearwhile I
        have made money in other sectors. Good luck and thanks
        for showing there is some life left on this board.

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