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  • true_factor1 true_factor1 May 13, 2006 1:24 PM Flag


    Do you know what happened to American Auto industry, Germans and Japanese were much better than americans in making cost effective cars. Eventually US will loose their hold in IT industry. A suggestion to americans , amercian women should continue their work in strip clubs and escort services . Men should continue with their burger flipping business. As true_factor once said, "We should always do what we're good at"

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    • Absoulutely. Messed up is messed up, whatever the circumstances.

      I'd submit that a bad situation that's not fixed before it is outsourced becomes even worse:

      An additional problem when you outsource, however is that instead of everyone being on the same team, and *perhaps* ultimately getting something done for the greater good of "their" company, you have two different companies, with two very different agendas.

      Oh, the stories I could tell...


    • You're making quite a leap there, tossing all software into the comparison. I doubt many companies ever thought of developing their own O/S rather than using something from IBM, or MSFT, or whatever.

      Outsourcing is good for some things, and not for others. It all depends.

      It's not a cure-all.


    • Any poorly-managed IT project (whether outsourced or inhouse) will be a disaster like this.

    • my point is

      If every company do their own software (inhouse) there would not be any need for software vendors. Since that is not possible, there will be IT vendors.

      Whether the vendor is here in USA or offshore depends on cost effectiveness and the ability of the client (company that outsource their work) to manage the project with their vendor.


    • The facts are:

      1) Nobody ever claimed that CTSH was involved in this.

      2) I posted that link as an example of a failed attempt to outsource.

      3) Upon the termination of these kinds of contracts, it is very normal that blame or fault is not publicly placed.

      4) If the Diebold outsourcing deal was working, it would have not been terminated. It doesn't matter which side (or perhaps BOTH sides) were to blame.


    • The facts are

      CTSH was not involved in any of this

      Diebold took back Oracle implementation outsourced to Deloitte Consulting without assigning any reason or blame to anyone. This kind of thing has happened before and it will happen again.It has happened to Deloitte
      before, but it has never happened to CTSH.
      Whether that is reason to conclude that this is a chink in Outsourcing's armor is moot.

      Diebold itself (like IBM/Microsoft/Oracle/Cisco/SAP/Dell/Sun, et al) has a big and growing presence in India and it is possible they found a better way.

    • Whether Diebold outsourced to India, or didn't makes no difference.

      That was a story about a failed outsourcing contract. CTSH is an outsourcer, therefore it might be interesting to someone who wants to understand the "big picture".

      Did your question have a point?


    • Did diebold do 'offshore outsourcing' to india ?

    • "I was been a software" should have been "I have ben a software".


    • Sonny boy...I was been a software developer when you were in diapers.

      Don't go preaching to me about the "cause" of the problems/difficulites/issue (chose whatever word you like) with outsourcing/offshoring - problems which I've mentioned more than once. If you don't "get" what I'm talking about, you're obviously living in a tall ivory tower somewhere...

      Don't forget your milk & cookies after playtime this afternoon.

      BTW - the reason I chose to buy CTSH over the others was because they had more of an American presence than the other Indian outsourcers. I thought that would help protect them from some of the disasters I've read about.


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