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  • realitycheckman realitycheckman Oct 9, 2012 3:57 PM Flag

    slip sliddin away, slip sliddin away, PAMT is a gonner

    GLTA and hope you HAVE SOLD this dead and rotten phish.

    BTW be nice to Ol' Mr. Realitycheck or I'll drop the big one next time!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • "BTW be nice to Ol' Mr. Realitycheck or I'll drop the big one next time!"

      OH NO!!! Not "the big one"

      What's up RC? How's the ole Woodster been doing these days, tossing and turning at night or counting his money on this one? Some folks will never learn. Same story, different name and symbol. Even stuck a reverse split in there with this go-round,,,lol


    • gotta give credit...nice call...
      I still think its worth a shot long here under 5.50..
      what i still cant figure out is where the volume is coming from...its like someone is trying to margin someone out of the stock and wont quit crushing it until that happens...
      weird stock

      • 2 Replies to mrs_schit
      • LOL hey mrs. schit it's easy to make "the call" when your on both sides of the discussion, so now the only question you might ask is, (assuming that is fact) who am I on the other side of the fence?
        you longs have never figured out the only way to truly own a board is to "OWN" both sides of the discussion and for that I can't give you any credit of discovery.

        GLTA and the big dump is coming, you have been warned! sell sell sell

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • "what i still cant figure out is where the volume is coming from"

        Most likely from the hidden subwoofer. One of the major problems, aside from the poor low frequency response, is the lack of audio volume form these speakers. A mono unit driven at full volume can only produce 89dB SPL with a whopping 15 watts. Many speakers typically produce 90dB SPL at only 1 watt, these produce less and consume more. Also, they tend to have very poor performance at lowere frequency levels, the rated output of 89dB SPL is at 1Khz but the volume drops sharply off a cliff below about 400 Hz, much like the stock price has done recently.

        The maximum sound output that these can produce, using a stereo setup and running at full power (15 watts per channel, 30 watts total) is only 90dB, that's not loud enough to listen to music the way it's meant to be heard. This is at FULL VOLUME mind you.

        Best to pass on this one and let it do what it do as they say. In the end, I'm sure it will end up like all of the other stocks the ole woodster founded. Ha-ha-ha-HAA-ha! it's the Woody Woodpecker show.