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  • d442125 d442125 Nov 23, 2012 8:26 AM Flag

    My first look at this stock...

    and I've come to a board with no intelligent input..that's a sign. lol
    easy to see who the shorts are and seems to be few, if any longs with positive input. I'll continue a bit of dd and see where it leads.
    this board is funny.

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    • PAMT is bringing technology that looks to change the sound industry and are just now rolling it out with licensing deals. Their pps got beaten down after their last financials, because investors forgot that the company had to invest the bucks up front to roll this out and they also got downgraded by "The Street" after their yearly financials were released.

      News that caused PAMT to plummet back in Sept/Oct this year and get downgraded:

      "Year over year, Parametric Sound Corp. has seen their bottom line shrink from a loss of $1.5M to an even larger loss of $4.5M despite an increase in revenues from $78.5K to $222.0K. An increase in the percentage of sales devoted to SGA costs from 728.71% to 1,462.82% was a key component in the falling bottom line in the face of rising revenues."

      Notice how they point out the huge rise in SGA cost, but never took the time to figure out why. It was due to their expansion in their "HyperSound" system they are trying to roll out. Do you think Ingram, Epsilon, Fujitsu and more would be signing deals with them right now if this wasn't big?

      Great opportunity still remains for those who understand what they have coming right now, but I would wait for a pullback at this point before entering.

      Like lasers changed how light is used – HyperSound changes how sound is used. This is some real interesting technology that could hit it big if PAMT can pull it all together. I was in at $4.19 and still holding. I do plan to swing trade it after this big run up, but I will also re-enter and hold some for the long term, since I like what they are doing here.


    • wow....too bad I was only looking. Nice move. Waiting for reaction for a couple days. After my VRNG comes in might join youz guyz. also very long ATRS

    • WOW, not what you'd call a lively board!

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      • Well, there are a few regular posters. Realitycheck and White_day are the same person posting under different alias. Juan as he is know around the boards is a former employee at American Technology Corporation. He was fired by Woody after he was caught getting high huffing cleaning products. He is now janitor at the Burger King in Poway. He get his info about PAMT because their employees are regulars at this particular BK. This info about him has been verified.