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  • tradingexpert4me tradingexpert4me Mar 12, 2013 11:29 AM Flag

    OK longs, I'm calling for this "TURD" to turn "RED". Really a bloody turd? Yuck!


    Now when this "TURD" turns "RED", I don't want any of you F... ing longs posting after the fact, that you sold higher. I will point out anyone who does that #$%$ here and bash the hell out of you.

    I yet to see any of you post in real time you took gains at 17 where I shorted. Not one of you. So that means you likely chased with more buying and became the board BAG HOLDERS lol.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • There is A good chance that you are legally INSANE !

      • 1 Reply to dagger452003
      • Dagger, I suggest you ignore tradingexpert. Besides the fact that he is crude and obnoxious, he is also idiotic and adds nothing of value to the board in terms of knowledge. He is bragging about allegedly making 2000 dollars on a 1 point move and taunting people who have seen the stock rise from 4 to 17. If only it were as easy to make money in real life as claimed to have been made on a message board. I have no problem with people who take short positions because they think a stock is overpriced, but clearly this guy has another agenda based on his insulting and crude language. And you will never win any arguments with someone like this- if the stock goes down he claims to be happy and if it goes up he claims to be happy since he can short more. And he will always claim to have shorted near the high and covered near the low. I’ve seen guys like this before- he intends to get under your skin and provoke. Don't let him. I won't respond any more unless he makes a factually wrong statement.