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  • tradingexpert4me tradingexpert4me Mar 23, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    robano79 Explain how MjNA's market cap is double PAMT's. You own 30,000 shares here right?


    How many millions of shares do you own of MJNA? I'm still puzzled as to how you post on this thread daily pumping the stock, but have NEVER posted on MJNA's message board. Oh and how about those MJNA insiders running the outstanding shares 5 fold to nearly 950M in just a few years. OMG do you even know how to do DD?

    Dude must be smoking some awesome weed lol.


    ps. Trust me, I don't expect you to offer any DD on MJNA to support it's $200M plus market cap. LMAO

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I put $5000 on mjna when it was .05 sold at .44
      Took half off the table and left the rest For the kids
      You do the math Now.
      Seems like i have to teach ya how to make big $$$$:)
      P.s I dont Care about market cap AM ALWAYS IN GREEN
      only lost i had is on AMRN but,,still holding it

      • 2 Replies to robvano79
      • Seems like you dont know how to trade,and i know what i said about .10 and i also bought at .3325
        Like i said always have 4-5 buy orders
        It seems like you only make 1play on a stock a day,, i play a stock 7 times a day
        Again buy some mjna and forget about it or if you have over 50k cash In ur account play with it on mjna atleast 10 trades a day,,but buy n forget atleast 40k shares YOU WILL MAKE $$$$$

      • Too many bashers on mjna board
        So no reason to post
        YOU KNO bashers never bash a bad stock
        TAKE MY ADVICE AND PUT 5k In mjna
        Thank me later