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  • tradingexpert4me tradingexpert4me Aug 12, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

    INSIDERS are liars and have never given a SH1T about common shareholders. Hell, you have to file

    a lawsuit against them, just to stop them from screwing you further. Just SHORT this pos and make some real money on any upside pops.


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    • RG is known to make money by shorting stocks! That's why he is here spreading bad stuffs trying to scare small investors! Unfortunately this year, he lost BIG time on one single stock and that is ACAD. Want to know about more about (tradingexpert4me) go to ACAD board. He's like a nutcake over there mumbling non stop how bad about ACAD only to see stock up from 2s to 20.

    • really?...stock is up from 4 to 15...and they just monetized the IP into a well funded growing company with great mgt .....agree this deal wasnt best for shareholders of PAMT...but considerign they would have had to raise capital anyway....this deal seems better each day I look at it....

      plus...with 100% of tradeable float shrt ...and sec cracking down on the manipulating and churning of hard to borrow stocks....I'd be more concerned if I were shrt than leaast I know my downside...whats yours?