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  • prolepsis13 prolepsis13 Mar 4, 2010 7:23 PM Flag

    53,162,535 million short shares

    Who panics first?

    Squeeze tomorrow. SNV will rebound above 2.70

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      this is like Religion:
      Shorts believe one thing - and Longs believe another.

      Depending on your Time Frame, either one can be right


    • How did that work for ya ..... LMFAO !!!!!

      Kind of simular today when you bought to soon again ?

      Better listen to the pros !


    • Bulls make money. Bears make money and pigs get slaughtered. Any short who did not have the gift of commonsense today to cover must either be Greedy or dumb. News is like a two edge sword. It can cut both ways. The news the last two days cut deep into the share price. News that is postive will rebuild. Little did I know the other day when I said caution that Wall Street was listening. May be they will listen when I say its time to cover or get slaughtered. If you shorts want to take it down more I have some more money to buy your shares and I know several on this board would like to see in in the $2.40 range. Ask yourself do you feel lucky after the price has run down 45 cents. If you do I say take it on down . You could be the winner of the prices is right. Then again their could be a jackass behind door number three.

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      • Shorts sellers by definition have sigificant resources which sometimes
        includes insider information.

        NEVER EVER consider a short seller stupid, thier risk tolerance
        is coupled with strong herd formation due diligence.

        TRUST ME !

        Long is wrong for Synovus until management decides the SLIDE is over,
        not a couple faithbased nickle chasing minnows on the Yahoo MB's.

        Your swimming with the sharks now, and if your lucky enough to get
        to shore beware of the WOLFS !


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