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  • worldviewcsg worldviewcsg Apr 27, 2010 7:27 AM Flag

    Goodmorning Navarre..........

    Been a while since I posted my prediction that earnings would be worse than expected. You and I have been correct in our warnings that the problems at SNV were deeper than outsiders were aware of as they berated us for our positions. They, unfortunately, are like the war correspondents that report on firefights from the safety of hotels, while the prize winning reporters are embedded with the troops and seeing the action firsthand. I speak daily with officers at SNV and am often within hearing distance of their "confidential" conversations and when I say I am saddened by the plight of the employees, I am not speaking of the greedy, insensitive, unresponsive leadership and BOD. The same leadership that has produced this devastating failure is still in place , still collecting exorbitant wages and stock options, while the corporate peons suffer from long hours, low wages and threats of unemolyment.

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    • My sister-in-law works for SNV and is very happy. She loves that Christ is allowed in her workplace. The environment is great! She also loves all those shares she purchased under $2! They couldn't believe the SP fell so low?/. Makes for a great 2010 Bonus.

      Have fun.

    • World,
      Per usual your post fails......

    • Sure you did NAV. Bottom line is if you just held your position in SNV you would have been better off then your so called phantom trades. You also would not come off as someone who has the traits of a person suffering from being Bi-Polar. Love SNV, Hates SNV, Loves SNV Hates SNV. You are quite entertaining to say the least. I hope your little back patting session does wonders for your confidence. Sad that you come to a Yahoo BB for reassurance. Good Luck.

    • Dstew I did sell at $2.69 and bought back and sold 5 times since then. My price when I sold at $2.69 was $1.46. Before that I had bought and sold Synovus over 30 times. Also during the time you have been holding I bought and sold BSX 2X, C 3X, Mee 4X. Now what is your point again? Now as far as buying synovus again I will not touch it till it goes below $2.54 or lower.You sir are like most on here. You know how to do one thing. Run off at the mouth.Again I don`t care what you do. You can buy it or short it. Some of us just do a little DD before we invest. Thanks and have a good day.

    • You must be the one I sold to at $32.00. LOL

    • Top of the morning back at you Worldview. This is a sad day for employees as management slowly takes this bank down to the levels of hell that Virgil could not take Dante. It would have been better for management to have found a buyer than to have forced this upon shareholders. Now ask yourself why so much? Is this to save the bank or to save the synovus piggy bank for management? I think you know which one I am thinking of. The next shoe to fall will be Sea Island . When that happens you can say we were right again. Until that happens I will not try to catch a falling knive. Best wishes to you.

    • YAWN........Who really cares what you think.

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