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  • Navarre55 Navarre55 Dec 9, 2010 7:55 PM Flag

    Counter attack in the morning. Be ready.

    I have a feeling Shorts are going to throw every thing they have at us in the morning . If I was them I would. If you have stops do away with them to night. I look for us to be hit just after market trades. If you have some extra money wait 30 minutes to about 10am before you jump in. What happens tomorrow will set us up for next week. If we take the field of battle the stock will go up next week. If not I hope we do not see $2.25 again. I sold several stocks today so I have some fire power . Let us come back Victorious or let No Man come back alive. Remember No one can enter a strong man's house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds that man. This is our house. Be strong and don`t take no crap. Tomorrow be perpared to kick A$$.

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      Futures are only mildly GREEN this morning, it is a Friday and all, so yes, this could be the shorters last stand here.

      The pattern seems to be the greatest pull back happens around 10AM, actually when they use the shorting programs, they will drop some large short positions right after open as well. At least that is how it appears to me.

      None the less, I think it is clear they were talking out of their butts when they were all posting $1.50, I doubt my $1.80 buys will ever get filled. I guess I will have to settle for above $2 if I want to top off.

      I am going to wait and see if the shorters want to dig a deeper hole for themselves this morning. See if they throw some more good money after bad, if you will...

      Reminds me of Hovde when he shorted GGP, what a (dumb A##) fool he turned out to be. Such brilliant minds on wall street, they want to short something that is oversold and that money is flowing into. I wonder if the shorters are just allowing their emotions take over?

    • Yes Navarre,

      I have some cash - enough for many thousands shrs
      and I will be ready in the Morning for more - around 10AM EST like you said.
      I aggree that tomorrow is the key day to win.
      I am willing to sell more other stocks for this baby in the Morning as well :)

    • You are our leader I will do what-ever it is you tell us to do!This is a battle to save capitalism and the banking industry! I am locked and loaded and will fire my load in the morning! Granny get your gum and let's throw some green at those short-haired publess rascals!

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