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  • Navarre55 Navarre55 Oct 3, 2011 1:23 PM Flag

    Have faith !

    They can take away our stock price but they can`t take away our faith in God. The best is yet to come. Synovus over $5 bucks is just gravy. You non believers keep saying there is no God . God works in mysterious ways. My faith is built on solid rock and it will stand the test of time. Look in your bottle to find your spirit. The spirit I seek is the living God and I know he is real . Bad mouthing Jesus will just get you deeper in h@ll.

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    • Eric God is real. We wonder why we have to go through bad things in our life. We have love ones who die. We get sick. We get divorced. Our business fails. That question goes back to Job. Do you love God for your blessings or do you love God when you lay in bed dieing from cancer in pain. I once talked to a man about Jesus . I said you see that pole across the road . For you to get to it you might have to walk around that fence to get to it. Another person might have to swim across the river that was behind it. I might have to walk down stairs . It was then I noticed the pole had 666 on it. I said let`s move down to the next pole. That pole is like the cross of Jesus. We all take a different path to get there. Some come to Jesus at a early age and some come as they lay in that bed. When you feel you have lost your faith get down on your knees and pray to God . If you open your heart he will speak to your soul and give you hope. When you get lost in this world just listen and God will show you the way.

    • Great now you believe in Satan also. Maybe there is hope for you yet. Just drop what your doing and get down on your knees. All you have to do is ask Jesus to come into your heart. Surrender all. Everyone that is a christian on here will pray for you that the holy spirit will convict you. Just think you will have hope in tomorrow that the best is yet to come. For the record if I had been in the grand Inquisition those that had tortured people would have been the ones getting hung. Just like Salem the people doing the evil was not the so called witchs but the people in charge. Again I say church does not save you but the word of god does. Jesus is the answer not the pope or Billy Graham. The holy spirit is free to those that will believe.

    • Time for a Grand Inquisition? With Nutty Nav as the Grand Inquisitor? If you pet stock's price is falling, it must be the work of Satan, right?

    • Again post about bill and fanny answers. Post about fanny and bill answers. Talk about a split personality disorder. This guy might have more faces than Eve white. Maybe we could write a book the three faces of a short. Hey fanny how do you know what the will of God is? You said there was no God. Looks like another slip on your part. Go take your meds or am I talking to Bill or Traix now?

    • Right Nutty Nav, oppose the will of Navarre and go to prison! That is why we will make sure you jesusFreaks never, ever gain political power in this country. You too easily confuse the will of God with your own stupid will.

    • You said something, but all I heard is "blah blah blah".

    • Test...

    • TheCrush is talking about he said sell at $1.99 and it went to $2,99. The only reason Synovus is down at 98 cents is because of the action of Wunderlich. You don`t have a upgrade to buy and two months later a sell. That is what they did and I hope their short buries them. If we had someone at the SEC looking out for investors they would raid Wunderlich and get to the bottom of this. I wish synovus management would grow a pair like the Ceo at and fight back. If you want fight for your own stock who will?

    • You are an idiot. I am done with you.

    • Einsteins E=MC2 has not failed us yet. Over in Cern at the collinder they have proved that the smallest part of an atom is quark particles. Neutrinos being able to go pass the speed of light I believe is possible. For many years the speed of sound was a barrier till chuck yeager broke it. Why not the speed of light. Do we real know anything about gravitational pull on space and time. Do we know how aliens fold space and time to come here through a worm hole or vortex? Why is the 28th parallel so important to alien space travel. There is so much we don`t know and yet when man says it can`t be done it is. A scientist back in 1943 came up with the philadelphia experiment using Einsteins unified field theory. Some say it was true because it open a door like the aliens use today. What if the constants we know of nature are not what we think they are. I heard last week of a scientist talking about 10 different dimension and ribbons in space and time. Being able to fold space so that your starting point is colocated where your end point is. You pop through a vortex or worm hole and you are there. How fast would you travel. Einstein believed if you travel faster than light that time would stop for you. You could go around the earth faster than the speed of light and everyone on earth would age years while you had been gone seconds. I believe all things are possible because I believe that life was not by chance. There was a master builder . There is no chaos in nature and when man truly looks through the eyes of God he will see he knows nothing.

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