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  • blake71383 blake71383 Dec 16, 2011 11:54 AM Flag

    look for upgrades next week

    there has been a lot of buying this past week after the recent dip

    everyone knows SNV is a winner in 2012

    20+ analysts still rate SNV neutral or sell...they will start to change their ratings

    the best thing going for SNV is that a double dip in the US is off the table...SNV is priced for a double dip but the data clearly shows that while growth will not be robust, there will be no double dip

    even without a takeover offer, SNV trades above $3 in 2012

    I bet it finishes 2011 in the 1.70s+

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    • Now you've just descended into gibberish.


    • Well, now it's just kind of sad.

      Almost as sad as the fact that another's choice of vocabulary makes you feel so clearly inadequate.

    • Thanks FKA. You know I am always right, but thanks for making that point.

      Could you please tell us how your Pulizer Prize winning economists are doing.

      Do they still see a recession in Q3 and Q4 of 2011 ?

      If they and you were wrong and there was not a recession in Q3 and Q4, should we adjust the ridiculous discount models they were using to compensate for recession they said were imminent, but we didn't have?

    • Blake hasn't gotten one thing right with SNV.

      George has.

    • I couldn't resist.

      But I really should have.
      I like to type words. Lots of words. Big words. Little words. CRAZY TASTY WORDS!

      Do you like to type words?

      When I type words I feel BIG !!

      IMHO!! (figure that one out boys!!)

    • This guy actually kind of makes me miss Nav. Kind of.

    • I couldn't resist.

      1. You think he said he put us on ignore? You think? My god man, go back and read the post - he made it pretty clear. That being said, he says lots of things - they don't seem to be very accurate. I suspect the same concerning his statement of putting us on ignore. He's obviously too much of a glutton for punishment.

      2. I agree with you - too bad he's the one who started in on the whole salary rant. It kind of makes your defense of him look a little foolish.

      3. Again, he's the one who went off on the grammar rant - see the last sentence of number two. Foolish.

      4. Summer is over chief, he was wrong.

      5. Yes, it says I know a lot about the company. I think you'll be hard pressed to find any statements I've made that can't be backed up. Unlike Blake. Also, the fact that he posts on no fewer than seven message boards appears to contradict his statements about how busy he is and, again, makes your comments on how much time someone has on their hands seem, well, foolish.

      No. Asking nicely apparently didn't work - what now?

    • Do you want to take this on FKA, or should I?

    • A few things to point out to the two bashing blowhards.

      1) I think Blake said he put you on ignore, so the fact that you continue responding to his posts shows that you really are just interested in getting attention.

      2) Who cares about salary or education since none of it can be proven. It is as likely that George worked in commercial banking as it is that he is an unemployed janitor sitting at home with nothing to do. Who cares

      3) I use yahoo message boards for fun as I'm sure most people do. Anyone using it to show their writing or grammar skills is either insane, desperate, or extremely bored. Go to a local soup kitchen and volunteer if you have so much time on your hands.

      4) How can a person be proven wrong before their time line?

      5) As smart as George thinks he is, it is clear that he is a serial message board basher. When someone appears on a board and posts exclusively on that board, that says a lot. Meanwhile, just casually looking at Blake's history it is clear he posts on multiple boards when he has something to say about a company. I can count PSUN, TLB, SNV, FBC, SD, KOG, LNG just within the past month or so and he has been pretty on point with his commentary.

      So I'll ask the bashers and blow hards nicely...give it a rest, most people here don't give a damn about what you have to say. Start a blog if you want to prove how smart you are. Thanks.

    • You actually said that SNV would be bought out back in the summer. waiting on the econ major's prediction to come true.

      You're a blow hard. Nothing more.

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