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  • bbarry31794 bbarry31794 Jan 24, 2012 12:23 PM Flag

    bailing out

    anyone out there taking profits today but me. dumped 5000 25,000 to go. took whole year for me to see green as little as it is . good luck to longs because when i get out it stuff usually goes up.

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    • Oh, I am an imbecile - I will give you that.

      Why do we need to go back 18 months?
      Because you were saying SNV would be bankrupt then too.
      18 months ago it wasn't rocket science the bank had some issues to deal.
      It didn't take a prodigy to make the call the stock was going down.

      The real call was when the trend changed. AND you didn't.

      You mistook a pullback in the stock for a confirmation the bank was going out of business.
      Dumb call.
      If you understood the numbers - or more importantly how the "street" numbers worked you would not have been buying into the herd - but rather would have understood - "its the economy stupid".

      No double dip in Q3 2011- and SNV starts to heal. And that is exactly what happened.

      Maybe another class in economics would help you to think with your own mind instead of allowing "the flavor of the day" analyst and economist to sway you.

    • Fka/bill has cost investors thousands if they would have taken your worthless advice. BILL was screaming strong sell at .95 saying BK was next....since then? About doubled...IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME.!!! OUCH!!! My new profits poured in at 1.54...I new better and I hope others did as well. Nav sold short, but still made money!

    • Well, even a complete estrogenic imbecile like you can track the stock price back 18 months. Do tell me what it was 18 months ago and what it is today.

      And then, explain to me again how I was wrong about "Sucky Bank", Jennifer

    • You got to be kidding FKA! Is that all you got?

      Calling me a 14 yr old girl ?

      FKA - you are a farce. Just another pretender. And you have been completely and wrong.

      I do give you credit for actually not changing your alias - takes some giant balls to still post after the bogus posts you have had the past few quarters.

      FKA - you are good entertainment : ) BUT you suck when it comes to the market.

    • I just came to the realization that you're most likely a 14 year old girl.


      I'd love to hear how the game has changed, Allison.

    • FKA - you are typical of the pretenders. You are labeled - no way around it.

      You look good when the guy across from you does not understand much.

      I remember you posting there were "a lot of things I am NOT good at but valuing a company is not one of them."

      But you you wrong - totally wrong. Not the end of the world, but maybe the end of followers on this board thinking you know much of anything about valuing a company.

      You come off as SNV is going to fail regardless of what they do because they were a sucky bank n the past. Well - I agree with part of it - SNV was a sucky bank in the past. But the way these guys have gone about fixing this bank without letting it fail (which it should have) is quite an accomplishment. Give them some credit for something. Its not the bank the bank it was 4-5 years ago - its better. MUCH better.

      The game has changed.

      Higher highs and higher lows are here.

    • You should have listened to me.

    • You'll know by Friday whether you made a mistake.

      Personally, I won't be surprised if this POS hits $2.25 prior to 2Q results.

      The anal-ists didn't ask any tough questions on the call and acted like they were impressed with SNV's results.

      That's usually a tell that their employers will be running a future SNV equity raise. Probably, at around $2 per share.

      So, they'll have to gun the price to convince the suckers to buy. (i.e. 10% discount to market price and 15% discount to TBV - an offer you can't pass up)

    • Dumped 25% bought LEE at 1.12 with it

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