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  • CheeksCheeks26 CheeksCheeks26 Apr 7, 2004 3:10 PM Flag

    Change to Cash for Free

    so you're arguing that since this "free" version of coin machine is so inferior that it will only further point out coinstar machine's superiority and value?

    I dont buy that as a reason for the stock move. But if you told me coinstar sales reps were reading to help out the banks by leasing them a machine that works, then i buy that.

    I do believe this opens up the market from supermarkets, to supermarkets and banks. SOME banks may learn from commerce,etc, and skip the homemade machine for quality.


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    • sure sounds like a good point to me, although i don;t think there will be a bank in this country to embrace it.

      banks are about "service" so to speak, so that's why they want to offer it free. however, as i stated, free is not always free.

      the only way i can see this work would be if there was a way to program the machine that would directly deposit what was put in the machine into someones bank account. if that was the case, the bank could make it free to the customer and cstr could work out a reduced fee for the administration of the transaction, lets say 3 or 4%. plus the fact the bank would not have to lose staff time to give someone their payout, they can just go to the atm and take it...

      so if someone puts in $100 of coins, their acct gets credited the $100, and the bank pays cstr the $3 or $4. it could work twofold in that it could open up a whole new client base for cstr (which are the people that did not use their machine in the past simply because of the fee, because now it would be a non-issue to the end user), and the bank would benefit from people perhaps not hoarding coins but putting them on deposit, instead. plus the bank would not have to deal with the administrative bullshit of 1) utilizing workforce to simply exchange their machine's receipt for cash to the customer 2) the cost of maintaining their machine, which might be paid to an outside vendor on a monthly or annual basis 3) customers bitching about the machine always being down, etc, etc.... which i believe is well worth more than the 3 or 4% the bank would pay to cstr for basically adminstrating the transaction. and for people that don't have an account, or won't open one first before depositing the coins, they pay the 8.9% like the rest of us.

      Great concept, let's call management!

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