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  • pickle_pumper2 pickle_pumper2 Jan 22, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    Blockbuster Closure Comments from Message Board

    will not be missed

    WILL be missed. Redbox selection stinks and Netflix streaming is spotty at best

    Wil Fry
    I've never had much luck with Netflix streaming. We switched back to Netflix DVD delivery (the old model) and it's working great for us.

    I like the "last minute ability" to go my local Blockbuster when I want to rent a movie.
    Netflix is decent, except waiting for the mail. Also Comcast on demand service has it's moments, but the price is double of Blaockbuster rental.

    Rick M.
    Netflix DVD Rules! Cancelled streaming, and kept 3 out at once DVD service. Better selection, great service, good price.

    NetFlix has spotty streaming SELECTION, but no problems with streaming the content.

    All the Hobos and Tramps use Redbox.

    Battlecam Ruen
    Let it go already! Blockbuster dealt the final blow to countless ma and pa video rental stores. They are actually the precursor to giants like Starbucks with their infinite branding and conquering of territory. Those greedy CEOs that helped it implode will be sitting on a beach for a three month vacation while all the Blockbuster employees are released into our pockets to suck up more of our tax money through unemployment.

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    • I guess I am one of the 'hobos" Lager referred to. Albeit I use the RB, I more often use the video store located in the same shopping center. I am not paying for streaming and I rarely go the movies, primarily because I am not contributing any money to he brain dead liberal actors and actresses. Not one could carry the Coops saddle.

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