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  • bankmaster39 bankmaster39 Jan 16, 2014 6:03 PM Flag

    hmmm - ( -2.6 Billion ) Balance sheet? really, and 52 week all time high?

    I would suggest Uri is getting a little overbought here....... Some folks dont understand how to read a balance sheet and suggest cash flow is positive but that only a short term pro vs. the big pic. Uri Is getting deeper and deeper in the whole. I see this when I see the the full depreciation on the eqiupment after they sell it. We will see but now way am I buyer at $82 . I feel the way about netflicks lol

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    • I think it was another good quarter.

      I don't know where you read it but URI wrote depreciation S223M in 2013 vs $208M in 2012 and total (including long term) debt decreased in 2013 vs 2012. URI is getting stonger.

      I am holding firm.

    • The market knows how to read a balance sheet and an income statement. Earnings will be higher in 2014 ($6.00 estimated eps) and 2015 ($7.35 estimated eps). URI is trading at 11x next year's estimated earnings, so URI is cheap versus the broad market, which is why the stock continues to rise. Overbought or not, URI stock is going higher. It's up from $3 and change about 5 years back. URI is free cash flow positive, and the majority of the debt does not mature until late in this decade, so paying the interest until then is a non-issue. The company just refinanced $200 million of 10.875% coupon debt. Industry fundamentals are strong and URI is the industry leader. The only risk is stock market risk. Buy on weakness if you get it. Don't forget the $500 million stock repurchase plan underway. URI's story is far from over. Class dismissed.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • From your comment, I could tell you have never run a successful business and don't have a clue. I've been investing a very long time and assure you that you will be taken to school on this one. $500 mill buy back???? Have you not seen this game before? They need to do this to adjust the P/E ratio. They have the equal. of $125 dollars in cash and $7500 debt and they are buying back $500 mm of stock over a little time? Oh I won't be surprised to see it up a little higher but I assure you it just can't hold. Look at the charts , they have an astonishing net tangible net worth of NEGATIVE $2.6 billion and the sheep continue to buy. Watch the price beginning of April decline. It'll be interesting ,let me know if you stay in. Good luck

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