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  • kevinbrunt kevinbrunt May 30, 2007 11:41 AM Flag


    Dickie....I believe you are the last of the old guys....wonder what happened to the rangler, light the way, chris and the rest? I look at the board on occasion. It is hard for me to believe how this stock has fared. It was my biggest money maker from 03 though 05 then the shit hit the called it right from the begginning. Pre-Fertig management set this one up for this. I believe he came on board and thought he could do something but too much was against him and then with the govt. pulling the plug on the HCI that pretty much did it all in......Kevin Brunt

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    • You said it all - except FMDA was largely responsible for HCI being scrapped by turning it from a program to help poor families get PCs into an executive incentive scheme, milking the tax break of $$$$m never intended for this purpose - so they effectively destroyed 95% of their business through sheer greed.

      Without HCI, FMDA would have gone down years ago, after the previous management destroyed the creative team that built the company in the first place.

      FMDA is just another .COM, get-rich-quick disaster that is going to the wall.

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      • In a certain vision on management, creativity and innovation are not important.
        Creativity may build a company, may actually build the foundations, it is undesirable once the company is up and running.
        If you want to get rich quick, you eliminate those who had the brains and the vision and you replace them by �puppets on a string�, that will allow you to go your own sweet way and grab every opportunity that passes to make a quick profit.
        No company that is operated in that way has long term chances of survival, but that doesn�t matter. You move on to the next one and you start the same thing all over again.
        If you are smart enough, you can repeat it a number of times, cash in and enjoy the takings.
        Why invest time and effort in a creative and innovative group of people with demands and make a good but average profit when you can make a lot of money in a short time in an easier way ?

        HCI was just one of those opportunities, nothing more, nothing less and it was used to the fullest. Greed took over from common sense, the rest is history.

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