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  • jpnmqrtn jpnmqrtn Jul 19, 2013 8:32 PM Flag

    $5.35 low

    almost there...just as predicted shorts are selling their gift into Longs faces while Debello sips another Martini and plans his next shareholder Joy ride. He could have tried to sell shares to someone who's intent was to hold the shares. Just saying. its done all the time where a company sells a stake of itself to a predefined buyer below market value. Just think if we sold 3 million shares at $5 to Microsoft we would have 15$ Million, the stock price would be 8$ and the shorts would be frying in hell. Does that look anything like what Debello did, or tried to do? No it doesn't does it. So enjoy your fruits from Mr. Debello.

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    • The shorts can easily push it lower than $5.35 believe you me especially if the bottom line take is worse than predicted.

      The CEO has shown his lack of concern for shareholders several times now. He is a very good salesman IMHO. The board should take heed and do what is right and just.

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      • hate to agree with dow...but I gotta agree with dow. I'm hoping for a little pre-earnings pop to unload half my shares (purchased in the high 4s). With a lot of companies you can atleast take an educated guess at earnings based on channel checks and what not. With MITK, no such way exists. It is literally a gamble going into earnings. Like I said, I'll still keep half.

        Also, if the stock keeps dropping as Thursday approaches, that is almost ALWAYS terrible news. There are people (institutions really) with the resources to check on how MITK is doing and when they see that it isn't well, they sell...right before earnings. Watch the price action this week for clues about earnings.

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