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  • bbondslf25 bbondslf25 Jul 27, 2013 6:42 PM Flag

    For anybody that doubts my MITK gains this year.. I can post a screenshot...

    of my total gains this year ... I tried to put it in this message and yahoo deleted... I can email it to you or if you can figure out another way if u'd like...I have made over 16,000 daytrading this thing this year... like I've always said... dont knock the way I trade ( daytrading) and I won't knock how u trade ( going long 100%) of the time...I only attack longs when they attack me.

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    • The problem is not how you trade or whether you are long or short - the problem is that you think $16k represents a trading profit to be proud of. Since MITK fell from grace early last year I have accumulated 245,000 shares at an average price below $3 - I am holding for now but would definitely begin taking profits above $9

      Nothing counts until the shares are sold - so I will not claim any profit on the investment yet - but $16 k is nothing - not even worth the time

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      • Here is the main point... I bought MITK in the low 3's as well... and if I held on to MITK from that point forward ( without selling once)... as of now.. my money would not be DOUBLED... but I traded MITK, and my gains % is almost twice as much as if I just went long for the entire duration...... so the point I always try to get across to the clowns here like goldhammer and common is that I make more money daytrading this stock than just holding long.... so with that, I always have the sensitive MITK longs on my case all the time.... Listen... I dont care how u trade... i dont care if u think holding long alll the time is better, but if u criticize how I trade ... I will obviously go on the attack mode and criticize how u trade... at the end of the day, we're both making a lot of money on this stock, so no one shud hate... but they often do...

    • Truth is......we really don't give a damn.

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