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  • commoncentsinvestor commoncentsinvestor Sep 13, 2013 9:08 AM Flag


    On July 25, 2012 Compass Point made this price target projection:

    "Compass Point reiterates a 'Neutral' on Mitek Systems (NASDAQ: MITK) price target of $3.00." At that time MITK share price was $2.92.

    Price targets are for a period of one year. So how accurate were they.

    On July 25, 2013 MITK closed at $5.22 after having gone as high as $7.70 and then doing a $15M capital raise. So MITK ended up 74% higher than the Compass Point projection. And also added $15M to their coffers.

    Yesterday these geniuses made this price target projection: "Research analysts at Compass Point boosted their price objective on shares of Mitek Systems (NASDAQ:MITK) from $4.00 to $5.50 in a report released on Thursday"

    Now if they are as accurate this time as they were last time, in one year MITK should actually be at $9.57.

    I wonder how much the shorts pay to have someone come up with this nonsense.

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    • Unfortunately, the shorts or MMs are in complete control of this stock in the sense that they refuse to allow it to gain steady ground even when more buying is occurring. Of course, no one really knows who is in control, but, it is obvious that this stock for the time being, regardless of the potential and increasing revenues, is not moving up. I have been patient, very patient with her for a few months and will continue to hold. I believe this stock will break out and we will never see these prices again. A least that is my wish.... Strong Strong buy.

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      • Stockholders should encourage Mr. and Mrs. Thornton and the rest of the board to start buying/accumulating shares for their personal account in the open market.

        Email investor services and/or write to the Board of Directors.

        Not saying they'll even read the email or letter, but should they receive enough of will catch their attention.

        Annual stockholders meeting will be here before you know it.

        Any sincere shareholders want to join me in writing?

      • "Unfortunately, the shorts or MMs are in complete control of this stock in the sense that they refuse to allow it to gain steady ground even when more buying is occurring."

        I agree. But that is to be expected when 25% of the shares are shorted. There does seem to be a concerted effort to not let the stock run up in a normal fashion. It is aided by the fact that Mitek seems very restricted as to what they are allowed to put out publicly regarding contract signings. When a news driven stock is not allowed to put out a lot of news, manipulation becomes fairly easy. Just think if once a week Mitek would put out a press release showing all the new banks signed and those becoming active just like jorlev does.

        It makes the stock frustrating on a day to day basis, but presents the opportunity that on any given day when the company does announce something really important and positive, a giant short squeeze could occur that could result in a very quick rise of 50% or more.

      • How can less than 1000 shares sold bring this stock price down by over a dime? This stock is highly manipulated to the point where it is ridiculous. Strong buy.

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