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  • mitk_long mitk_long Mar 22, 2014 7:34 AM Flag

    why is ocman avoiding clarifying his earlier post?


    Ocman, I am wanting to make sure I am understanding your post. Are you saying that the CEO of Mitek, James B. DeBello, is a con man and thief and that he is going to jail? Is that what you are saying? Yes or no answer will be just fine. As a shareholder that would really make me reconsider my position in this stock so I wanted to make sure I was not misreading your post. Is that what you are saying? Yes or No will be fine.

    PS. Watch ocman squirm like the weasel he is. He will either completely ignore this post (again) or he will do some major spinning and dancing. He is playing on a slippery slope and he knows it.

    What say you Ocman? is that more silence I hear? LOL

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    • Because he's been proven more accurate than the longs by the stock price.

    • mitk_long , I have posted my opinion about MITK many many times in previous posts , go read them all , it's not Jimmy baba and 40 thieves that MITK stock price is this low and may go even lower as i predicted weeks ago (post still exist on the board go look) , it's the combination of many factors and on TOP OF it yes the CEO , you convince me or show me a few other trustable company who's CEO sell sell sell specially when the company is still fresh in the market , go on show me a few ,you cannot find that many or even "none" , why a CEO should sell his shares (using free options )? huh ? I have my own reasons for it and those reasons could be same as the last investor who sold over a million and liquidate his (filed Dec 2013 Arthur samberg) shares .
      Open your eyes , defending blindly a company and it's management team "just bcz" of technology is the dumbestttt thing anyone could do for his own interest .

    • Mitk_Long
      Please explain how the CEO of Mitek is worth the money that he has been rewarded over the past 3 years.

      The share price used to be $12 and now it is $4.

      The CEO is responsible for 65 employees.

      My search of similarly sized companies and results indicates the CEO of Mitek is astronomically overpaid.

      My opinion is that Mitek needs new leaders and soon.

      Most leaders in a position such as this know the detrimental impact of mass selling of shares. It is in the opinion of many shareholders including myself that this situation is financially harmfull to those committed to the long term well being of Mitek.

      Mr Ocman did not plant the seed of doubt. The selling of $1.800,000 of Mitek stock by the CEO created that seed.

      I would suggest instead of entrapping Ocman who I don't usually agree with that maybe you focus your attention on helping shareholders get the feedback to those responsible.

      We would all appreciate a vehicle for our voices being heard. The BOD phone numbers posted here would be a really good first step for healing. Talking to company pumpers or IR guys is not in our interests.

      How about some contact numbers? How about you doing your job whoever you are?

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