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  • WillyfromSI WillyfromSI May 17, 2001 4:01 PM Flag

    Does this company suck?

    What is up w/ it?

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    • Wu,

      EQIX is far, far, far from Chapter 11... plenty of cash. Do you not see that it is good news for EQIX that has filed Chapter 11? The prime competition for Equinix is and Switch & Data, and any problems those guys are having only benefits Equinix. Exodus is not exactly competition, but a potential customer (like Metromedia Fiber). Equinix is the gorilla-in-waiting for this carrier-neutral industry.

    • Don't want to pump things up. However this well take place over the next 60 to 90 days.

      The high-yield bond market and the convertibles market are wide open for new offerings, there's so much demand now for high interest rate paper that it's going to allow the telecom companies to refinance. Also they will be able to increase and really execute their capital spending budgets. With the lowering of intrust rates the telecom companys are locking in on the high-yield rates and this will wipe out their debt. Watch the Bond market at 8:30am lots of usefull news.
      Happy trading Jess

    • devine,
      I find most of these yahoo message boards totally useless, especially on the stocks I own. They usually full of pump and dump and people who think "long" is 3 months. However, I agree with your post on EQIX, not a lot of short interest and, while somewhat volatile, trades within a reasonable price band. Also, I'm with you on the "long" term, i.e. more than a year, prospects for EQIX. The company is in a great position for the coming "telecommunications" revolution, has a great partner in Bechtel, a great list of customers, limited exposure the the .com bust, and a mostly funded business plan. Like you, I'm nibbling at this stock whenever I can. I've accumulated 4k shares on my goal to 10k shares, which I should complete within the next month if the price range holds betwwen 1.05 and 1.35. Let the naysayers beware, this company is a coming player in its field and is in a teriffic position compared to it's competitors. I'm not a pumper or a dumper, will hold my stock on short runnups, like the one a couple of weeks ago to 1.80, and am willing to risk my investment money on the future of this company. Good luck to both us us, but I don't think luck will be necessary, this compay will be a winner, just have some patience.

    • What I meant by "pull a COLO" (should be COLC)
      is that people out there are betting that EQIX
      will file chap 11 like

    • The following is a list of true investors,

      Jundt U.S. Emerging Growth A
      AXP Innovations A -
      Goldman Sachs Real Estate A
      Provident Inv Couns Small Cap Gr
      Brinson U.S. Small Cap Growth
      Vanguard Balanced Index
      Vanguard Extended Market Idx
      T. Rowe Price Extended Eq Mrkt Index Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx

      Granted the list isn't long yet however EQIX is just an infant in terms of it's growth. So stop kicking the kid around. Give the little fella time to grow. Some day when streaming media is in full swing we won't be typing to these chat rooms. We will all have web conferencing and will be able to see each other. Now thats a cool internet!! Keep growing EQIX. I've seen the future. Happy trading Jess..

      • 2 Replies to lorijess_79
      • But how many shares does each fund have???

        I see AXP's coverage but not any significant
        amount by others.

        I like EQIX as a company but boy this stock
        sucks as if the company's better off
        shutting down and liquidating.

        The revenue is too small to make the company
        convincing to investors.

        Give it a few quarters to prove to the shorters
        and senior notes holders that it won't go
        kaputt soon and the stock will recover a bit.

        EQIX is not the stock to trade. If anyone
        wants a sucker ride he should go for Krispy
        Kreme instead.

      • I do have a correction to make to my earlier post. The sales by Northpoint and Dell were registered on the 14th, not the day after... Credit Suisse First Boston just didn't have the news until the next day. Meaning that those sells may have been the cause for the sudden drop to $1 and are already filled.

        Sorry for any confusion!

    • Yes it does suck... now.

      No forward visibility,
      EBITDA negative with
      high debt servicing expense,
      private round investors dumping
      left and right, and everybody else in the sector either going south...

      It will take
      quite some time for the stock to recover and
      nothing short of them provin to
      the market that they have a viable
      business will give them any upward momentum.

      In the meantime, short your EQIX to buy your Krispy Kreme (KKD) stocks (Hey it's a food stock!) and wait for the pump and dumpers give
      you another round of rude surprise,

      FYI: Initially companies like Gateway
      sucked too:

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