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  • deepcreekcapitalist deepcreekcapitalist Apr 26, 2004 1:35 PM Flag

    Buffett doesn't split BRKa


    Despite the fact that Berskshire Hathaway stock is approaching $100,000.00 per A share, Buffett refuses to split the shares. Although one can buy Baby Berk B's, as I do.
    Anyway...back to the A shares. The New York Stock Exchange computers were having anticipated difficulty with an 8 digit stock price. The solution? They will trade BRKa shares in tenths of dollars, no cents, once it hits $100,000.0 !

    Anyone watch Wall Street Week (with missing Lou) last Friday? The energy analyst was bullish on oil, gas, and in particular COAL! He went as far at to say that the USA is on the verge of a coal shortage. Mom & Pops have been drivin out of business and the few players left such as CNX cannot produce coal fast enough...takes years to get permitting approved. Thus prices for coal pricing will remain firm-to-up and there will be minimal 'switching' by utilities from natural gas to coal.


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    • This is both true and untrue. It has no immediate impact on value and that is fairly obvious. But it has several beneficial effects that may later impact value. First. It increases the nuimber of shares outstanding and tradable thereby making it possible for institutional holders to justify buying. Second, it reduces the p[er share price making 100 shares of the stock afforable to a larger group of potential shareholders. Of course, a company does not want to reduce the stock below the emotional threshhold of $10 per share. The real reason gold old Warren Buffet does not split his stock is that he wants only big boys with lots of cash as shareholders. They tend, and I emphasize the word "tend", to be more sophisticated and trade less. Traders nearly always get burned.

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