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  • wyattkap wyattkap Jun 30, 2009 11:00 AM Flag

    Future costs --> dilution?

    Wannamakemoney: Their immediate goal is NOT to go into production on their own. Their immediate goal is to PROVE up the entire potential of the property under lease. AND to let all the other Billion dollar companies improve on all the extraction methods. Use OPM on this side of the equation. REMEMBER-every time someone improves on the extraction process of the oil sands-our in the ground asset value goes UP UP UP!!! Should they prove up several BILLION barrels of OIL extractable AND the oil prices are favorable-THEY WILL BE IN GREAT DEMAND FOR A BUYOUT or some other attractive level of BUYOUT where a partner could put up ALL the MONEY and keep a significant interest in the production with no further dilution and needing only two people in the office counting our money for EPS ramp up reporting. A company with GREAT CASH FLOW is a very FUN thing to be involved with. LOTS of other opportunities come your way!

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    • You might also add going to nasdaq once price gets higher. I think SOIGF hit a new 52 week high today on again strong volume. I think some radars are being activated in a positive way.

    • wyattkap: Thanks for your answer. That strategy would seem plausible although probably demanded a great deal of patience from us.

      On the other hand Strata state explicitly on their website: "Our emphasis is on full-cycle exploration --- we believe that we can have a greater impact by developing our own exploration projects rather than acquiring advanced projects from others." Hmmm... that would certainly mean dilution. But then again: mikegoesforit told us that Strata guy had told him "No dilution of shares". So... still no production. (Usually I don't like self-contradictory companies.)

      Ok, let's wait till anybody is willing to buy Strata out. (Meanwhile I wouldn't be surprised if I could buy back some shares way lower in a few weeks or months. Today it's too expensive and there's too much excitement around for my taste.)

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      • Wanna, do you understand the difference beteen "exploration" and "production"? No dilution in exploring 50% of Caddotte so far so why would you say there would be dilution now?
        Also they are trying out various "test wells" using different methods. Not preparing to spend billions on full production wells.
        And also I didn't say "the strata guy" told me there would be "No dilution of shares".
        Seems you sold on a complete misreading of the the update...which came out AFTER you say you sold your shares...hmmmmm

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