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  • mikegoesforit mikegoesforit Mar 17, 2011 12:07 PM Flag

    Greenpeace co-founder endorses oil sands


    Greenpeace co-founder endorses oil sands
    A founding member of Greenpeace, who now disassociates himself with the organization toured oil sands sites Wednesday.
    Dr. Patrick Moore says he came away impressed, especially with how the disturbed land is being returned to its natural state, "There never going to reclaim Los Angeles as far as I know, or San Francisco or these cities where these people are complaining about the oil sands, that's a permanent disturbance. This is a temporary disturbance and it's all going to be reclaimed once the oil is taken out."
    Moore quit Greenpeace 1986, after he says it was hijacked by political activists.
    "That toxic thing is ridiculous. Then the dirty oil, it's not dirty, I saw the product of Syncrude, it looks like olive oil, it is as clean as can be," says Moore.
    Moore is being taken around both oil sands mines and in-situ sites by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

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    • Thanks for the info Mike. As the technology continues to improve by leaps & bounds, oil sands production will soon become the Lowest/SAFE cost for energy in the near & extended future. Our ability for Controlled protection of the environment-Solid profitable oil price levels-No worry about Melt Downs and Radiation, or no possible massive blowouts a mile under water will not be needed. The OIL SANDS IS THE AFFORDABLE FUTURE for the next 50-100 YEARS of our energy needs! It will take 50 years to get Solar & Wind and other options to even come close to working on a medium productive scale. Most people alive today will not live long enough to see the next level of energy on a national scale. Look at the progress we have seen since Jimmy Carter was President! Close to nothing has changed for over 35 YEARS!

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