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  • naim917 naim917 Jan 11, 2013 10:52 PM Flag

    Why just one worker wow what a jock

    Sell sell sell

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    • BUY, BUY, BUY. I know that the rest of you reading this message are too polite to comment, but I couldn't stand it anymore.
      "Why just one worker wow what a jock". I think that the word you were trying to spell is "joke". I hope I'm right. Just some advice (and as always - it's free), hike up your jock or g-string and and rethink. Anything!

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    • naim917. Better look at the BIG PICTURE to what is going on here!! How many employees does a company need to be valuable in your mind??? Lets see-they HIRE the BEST-QUALIFIED SUBS to document all the results SO PEOPLE LIKE YOU WILL BELIEVE IT. MOST in-house work would be open to skeptical comments from people just like you. RESPECTABLE 3rd Party Documentation of our assets size, opportunities, quality, are the BEST to have!!!! NO REASON TO FUDGE the numbers or results.

      AND-they have kept the stock dilution WAY DOWN by not having a half dozen over paid people waiting for the technology to improve for the asset class we are VERY RICH IN over the past 5 years! CHECK out the CORE Samples from our 100% OWNED Leases we have in OUR CORPORATE OWNERSHIP!!! VERY Impressive World Class Ore Reserve that is just now starting to be discovered.

      OUR VERY RICH NEIGHBORS are spending BILLIONS in our area that will only build-up the infrastructure, bring more people, build many more roads- rails & pipelines, stores, housing etc. etc. The Peace River Area is starting to become a MAJOR BOOM TOWN atmosphere and the more it grows the more valuable our underground asset becomes as it is no longer a vast remote area in the middle of no-where and hard to get to and from, but an area with MASSIVE DEVELOPMENT GROWTH! NOT-to mention a VERY safe place to do business with a ENERGY PRODUCT the ENTIRE WORLD NEEDS!

      WHY do you think Shell is there. Check out their history around the world and what they lost and why they are so big in OUR AREA OF THE WORLD!! ANY company that has had BILLIONS in assets just taken away from other governments understands the needs to invest their stockholders resources into areas that are business friendly and appreciate the enhanced opportunities they can provide the country and the world!!

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      • kenglo Jan 17, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

        the shell you talk of is not royal dutch shell it is a privately owned canadian co.

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      • WYATTKAP, you hit the nail right on the head. SOIGF is a fledgling company. I know that we all pay at the pump, so we all pay into big business. But the thing is, if I'm going to share the burden at the pump with the rest of the world, why not at least get some sort of return on my (our collective) money. If Shell and the Chinese, Japanese, Middle East, Canadians, southeast, who cares, wants to invest money (our money) to develop these oil fields, (they have the money), let them do it. Why should SOIGF spend the massive resources on R&D and infrastructure, when there are still lessons to be learned. OPM! OPM!
        OPM - "Other Peoples Money". Download, rent, buy, steal this movie. It is a blast. Just have a paramedic on hand. You will split a gut. Danny Devito is at his best! If you don't share my humor about this movie (all you skeptics), then maybe I'm wrong about SOIGF. Wrong!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yup, you're venting now because you didn't load up below .08 when you had the chance. I'm sorry we'd didn't help more to give you the courage. Sorry Charlie - don't waste your time trying to rain on our parade cause you aint getting my shares.

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