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    Stock nOffering

    If you look at the Co. website they are doing a stock offering to interested investors. As a current shareholder I inquired and was offered shares at a discount along with a Warrant for each share to be able to purchase an additional share for each share purchased at a set price for four yrs. The thing that bothered me was the shares are not registered with the SEC and therefore if I understand correctly can't be sold untill they are with no date to register offered. If they never register you never get to sell if I understand correctly. Minimum investment is 25,000 and they are raising 5 million to do a cold flow study and more test drilling. If they raise the full amount it would equal about 55 million shares along with possibly 55 million more with the Warrents or if when registered tripling the float. Shares not registered and tripling the float doesn't sound too good to me - does anyone else have any new or different insight or information on any of this.

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    • My family has also taken advantage of this offering. It's an incredible deal to anyone knowing what we know we have in the ground. I'm sure they don't plan on selling the entire amount at current prices. They are tight with the dilution, but we need some traction to get the stock trading where it should be. With close to 9 RECOVERABLE barrels per outstanding common share, we should be MANY times higher than where we are today. IT's time for them to get found by the investing public that are bullish on the energy sector. That will take some time and money to do. I'm confident we won't be that little unknown resource company soon.

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      • Hi Wyatt; Always great to read your post. My thoughts on the private placement. The restricted that's stamped on certificate is standard for the industry. Were I made a mistake was how I had the name put on the certificate. The money came out of an IRA account. When wanting to put certificate in account it should have been for the benefit of STE. Not a big thing it is just how you want to pay your taxes. The other thing standard is the one year hold not to be sold. I did buy and Edward Jones has the certificate in the account. I would like to see things move faster, but after 7 or 8 years its still around. I would like to think the men that started with the company still had shares. I would like to see our deadbeat government work for the people. My wife tells me to keep my mouth shut. Well men and ladies got to go. Carry on Starta

      • My discussions with them the other day was that they needed more exposure to draw attention to the Co. to get the stock price up. That way when they do offerings to raise money for Capital projects they're offering shares at 2.00 for example instead of .09 and increasing shares by the the millions just to raise a small amount of money. They told me it takes money to do that and that they don't want to spend a lot of money doing that which I agree with them on . But, I told them they need to put out a lot of press releases and do things like going to small bussiness and Energy conferences. You get a lot of exposure by doing both with almost no cash outlay. You said your family took advantage of the offering. Are you nervous or suspicious at all about the shares not being registered and no planned date to do so. They could elect to never register and the shares would be worthless and your investment gone - just asking.

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