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  • wyattkap wyattkap Aug 7, 2013 9:35 PM Flag

    New Company E-mail received today.

    Company confirming that we have over 886 MILLION RECOVERABLE Barrels and the $1.3 Billion Present Value number is based on only 41% of the Recoverable Numbers we now show. SO-that means we are over $3.3 Billion in Present VALUE, NOT COUNTING the much higher Oil Price we see today over what the original report used! I'm seeing a value of closer to $5 BILLION as oil is holding over $104/barrel and we still have not tested the Eastern Leases! MUCH MORE TO COME!

    WITH all this said, we have over 8 RECOVERABLE barrels in the ground for EVERY SINGLE OUTSTANDING Share!!! WHAT is a RECOVERABLE BARREL WORTH in the ground????????? Well it ain't 1.5 cents as we traded today! We have a 50X's Opportunity coming SOON! THE Peace River area is building and LIGHTING UP with more activity and production. The more others do, the more we and they learn about our own resources. AMAZING OPPORTUNITY priced at these "STUPID LOW LEVELS". Not one of us shareholders will own enough of this stock when it all comes together. The risk is ZERO on this one and the reward is ASTRONOMICAL! This is what speculators dream about. UNKNOWN (TIMETABLE ONLY)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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