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  • jaybull1025 jaybull1025 Aug 14, 2013 7:03 PM Flag

    August 13th 2013.......soigf traded $400 in total value of stock????

    and this was at $7.82 before 2 pre splits???? only the company scheisters are posting on this board. too funny. btw that was 2005 when it was $7.82/sh....I do believe how many years ago was that???? let's see about 8....and what did scott fraizers pump and dump letter say back then??????? that it COULD go to $20/sh or higher......btw Mr fraizer was paid $400,000 for his pump and dump letter sent out to decent honest people...before they got railroaded in december 2006 when strata dropped from $4/sh to $1 a sh and then dropped some more.......can you spell scam?????

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    • Writing lack of detail and using incomplete phrase and sentence

    • Jay's Bull Great name and right on. Not sure what the 1025 means, but your name says it all. Say Jay, have you ever stated a company from scratch??? Have you ever developed a ore body that is hundreds and thousands of feet underground and realized the time and money it takes to get a great picture of what you have to determine if it was practical and profitable to go the next step? Have you ever been in North Alberta in the Winter Time to experience what it takes to get things done and keep people and equipment moving forward? READ the news over the past few weeks about how TOUGH the big oil companies are having finding large deposits and HOW MUCH they are SPENDING to find it. OIL is above $100/barrel because it AIN'T EASY to find, get out of the ground, and ship to someone that will take it to process with them also making a profit. Developing a property of this size is a MASSIVE undertaking and THEY FOUND IT!~ YOU use the word SCAM real loose when MAJOR 3rd Party Engineering Companies CONFIRM and DICTATE the Specific Numbers of this MASSIVE FIND. IMMEDIATE neighbors have built $5 BILLION Dollar Companies with the same ORE BODY this Company has. YES-it all takes time and during your dribble comments, we had a period of time where oil DIPPED to the low $30's per barrel that took all the wind out of the sails for EVERYONE in this specific oil market.

      When you want to become a real investor that is capable of doing your own DD and take all the emotion out of it and just concentrates on the pure facts and the movement forward of a companies goals and objectives, you might be able to move out of your moms basement and get your own cell phone contract. RIGHT NOW this company has about 8 Barrels RECOVERABLE in the Ground for each share outstanding. What is that worth today and in the future???? 13 cents per share????? We will all see soon!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • jay is just a #$%$my basher trashy person that spreads lies to others he is #$%$!! and a liability

      • can you spell scam???? Is that really loose???? I can get even better...... I have the facts...I have the numbers from 2005....I have the times/sales sheets....I have the scott fraizer newsletter pump and dumps that were sent thru the mail (federal) take note of that scardy cat...on on the back of the pump and dump newsletter it says that compensation of $400,000 was paid to Mr fraizer...... WHO paid the $400,000??????? I'll let you answer that one.. and you surely need to read up on your ethics law before you can rant on how I use a word really loose....cause I've got a lot more facts to share. and who do you work for???? Mr. Wyatt????

    • your an idiot :o we are not related to the company but honest investors...go away devil worshiper with your satanic lies !!!

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