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  • greateagleoflebanon greateagleoflebanon Apr 5, 2014 3:09 AM Flag

    tradindayz - IMO, SOIGF is more than just a land play

    The company drilled 4 exploratory wells as the carbonate deposit was first being proved up. Peace River platform is more homogeneous for carbonates than Grosmont, which is why Shell (presumably it was Shell, as it was a land co. officially) bought the deeper carbonate rights under their carmon creek plant next to SOIGF a few months back. Koch has swarmed SOIGF to the northeast. What few investors consider is what is going on at Baytex's Reno project - they are not very far away from SOIGF and IMO may have similar geology, they are cold producing from the bluesky formation. SOIGF also has these rights and I don't see why they can't do the same as what Baytex has done - go in vertically at first, cold produce, and then go horizontal to increase flow. That would be for SOIGF's sands. Their carbonates on the other hand require heat almost certainly. As for the SOIGF leases they (like all oil sands leases in Alberta) last for 15 years and I believe most if not all of them were acquired in 06/07 so they are a long way out. I'm a bull if you haven't noticed.

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    • DEAD on greateagleoflebanon! I also feel their FIRST SMART play is to drill a vertical well into the Cold Flow area to establish this remarkable feature. Baytex built a $5 Billion dollar company doing just that. As they prove up a good area via the Cold Flow Vertical wells, they can always then go back and go horizontal to enhance production. Get one vertical producing well in to prove up the ore-body, then prepare the transportation infrastructure to get get the oil out as one good well should quickly lead to 100's of wells.

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    • Appreciate the analysis. I am assuming the leases can be renewed. Any idea of valuation?

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