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  • Vaalie60 Vaalie60 Aug 8, 2005 7:57 AM Flag


    Re: << . . you . . put people on ignore because you can't debate them . . >>

    The people that I put on 'Ignore' have absolutely nothing constructive to contribute to the debate. You are invited to join that group. Bye now!

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    • VAALIE ,i have been in sela for a short while basically because of the insider purchases and it is going up albeit slowly. What do you think is the aim of the board , where are they going , it seems the best way to energize this company is to reverse split to 15 and then sell shares to eliminate the debt,this makes the cash flow huge ,and allows the mutual funds to buy. DO YOU THINK they are polishing it up for a sale ,I DO NOT like their conferences it is overly techincal and not really investor friendly,i have quite a few shares 50000 plus and able to buy more but i need a real reason , my price of purchase is 1.2 and although a profit i feel they are in the hottest oil market and great service but the profits are slow growth meaning if this oil boom slows down it is bad for us,,,,just your opinion i am heavy in eenc and their spinoffs ,their management is very shareholder friendly,recommend prb or jmg for a double as management has huge stakes and these two companies are all insider or friends owned with no recommends and no press and been going up. <i was an early shareholder, recently bought henderson land of hong kong and posco as a play on the indusrial revolution in china , also feel vietnam will follow the chines policy ,,,any opinions, i follow buffett,whitman, morningstar,icahn, fairholme and a few others,

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