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  • ouioui98040 ouioui98040 Apr 15, 2005 12:15 PM Flag

    Hey Ace!

    I'm watching and learning, but I don't think this is what you were expecting.

    Admit it, you are a clueless fool and I was right when I said you would be leaving in disgrace.

    Yep, Ace the disgrace. Told Ya so, you should have listened to me.

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    • We we, your charactrization of me does not mean much to me, you call everyone stupid, besides even though you think you know a lot, you realy do not know much at all, you only repeat what is heard and read from ultrawrong,and mouth piece have not experrienced much as you are too young for that, so there.At the closing I repeat again that I never said I like Arab culture, or dislike them, like any culture, perhaps there are thing to like and things to dislike, I never lived among them to form an openion, I will not take your word for it. The way I am personally, I do not like cultural hangups, for example I agree with you on one thing, the sexual hangups, I do not care for. That does not mean that I would sanction sending American solders there to pile them up one on top of the other nude to show them the way. As for conspiricy theories, If you think there are none, then live long enough and you will learn that there is so much of it that reality is diluted to the point that you do not beleive anything anymore. I suggest you start your education by reading Invisible Government written by one of the ex CIA officials. Although you can never say never, I probably will not continue this conversation with you anymore, this,to allow for posters here to exchange Ideas about what they come here for, PMTC that is. Good luck girl, If I am in seattle area, I wouldn't mind spending a night with you, that might teach you something and make you my fan.


    • same writing style.

    • What is your disagreement with �peepee�?

      If you disagree with her positions on issues, why don�t you challenge the positions with alternative views and support them with facts rather than just calling her stupid?

    • have we come down to this?
      <<<<Who is KING of STUPID POSTS?>>>
      This topic should run for a fews weeks.

    • I'm not only one that posts stupid postings. Read peepee's. you have done them too!

    • man711

      Brilliant post! Why do you waste such genious here?

      your reflection

    • No you do! Stop being a fool to quote you.

    • Roosterly,

      I am not saying this to be insulting or make you feel bad in any way. But I must say that you have the most illogical and confused ideas of any person I can ever remember discussing anything with.

      It is a verifiable fact that you believe many things that are absolutly untrue and you base strong opinion on the flimbsiest unfounded beliefs when massive ammounts of opposing data is available at your finger tips in a moments research.

      I beg you to please spend more time researching your claims and posting some supporting information with your posts because so far everything you have ever posted just proves one of my observatins: that for liberals; feeling something is as good as proving that it is true. This is why liberals are considered fools by so many conservatives and why so many liberals become conservative as they age, they know more about the world and get wiser.

      Stop being a fool, you just embarras the human race with your idiotic conspiracy theories.

    • "What I found imazing wasn't the story itself, but why wasn,t it reported on any other networks, and why we did not hear about it again."

      Uhhhhhh, maybe because it turned out to be untrue like many other stories at the time.

      It isn't racist to call Arab culture barbaric, it merely a statement of fact.

      "Moslems claim that they are living by the commands of the God as spelled out in Koran, who knows may be that is the right way, you don't like it don't live there, but respect their way of life."

      Wow, so then if I decide to kill my sister becuase she speaks with a man without an escort you have no objection to that? This is the norm in many Arab societies. If you can't condem that, then you have no graond to criticize anyone for anything ever!

    • Watching the world trade center burn is one thing,( lot of people were doing that ), watching the tower before the plaines hit and then cheering on is another, also CNBC reported that results of the FBI investigation (not rumers) showed that men knew about the plot before it happened and also said men were Israeli Agents. I have not drawn any conclusion, just telling you what I heard that day on NBC. However, What I found imazing wasn't the story itself, but why wasn,t it reported on any other networks, and why we did not hear about it again.
      You people stop calling me Racist, We we and I have been exchanging views on Palestinian/ Israeli conflict, and excuse me, the Israel is creation of Jews, how do you expect to talk about this without talking about Arabs and Jews, how come no Arab is coming forward and calling me Racist. If you want Racist, don,t go no further than our own We WE here, remember how she characterises the Moslems, and how sorry she is to see europe be populated by Moslems, and how Moslems cut throats, or this, or that. Look in Jungles of Amazon people may be eating each other for dinner, I think we should leave them along, we should just worry about our owm society, and not be judgemental about others. Moslems claim that they are living by the commands of the God as spelled out in Koran, who knows may be that is the right way, you don't like it don't live there, but respect their way of life.

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