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  • IM4GOLD IM4GOLD Jul 28, 2004 2:59 PM Flag

    Buy Out

    I think this is the best for the shareholders that they made an investment in RIMG. Five plus dollars in cash $6+ in assets, strong track record quarter after quarter and a nice niche markets with excellent potential we can demand $22-24/share. I like the company but this may be a good time to entertain a potential buyout. Shareholders have the upper hand and the deal goes our way or forget it and we keep adding to the bankroll.

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    • Dumb idea. Discussed many times before.
      One of the issues with this stock is the low float. Buying back shares will not help that. I have noticed that many times the increase in number of shares outstanding correlates with the options granted and exercised by management. I dont think the co buying back shares it gave its managers is a great use of funds.
      My vote is a special one time dividend. Show me the money!

    • Agree. You may want to suggest this to IR, as I did recently.

    • I agree 100%! The return of investment from buying back shares is in the mid-teens I estimate.

    • You've said the same thing about once a quarter ever since I have owned this. I suspect a management led LBO or a sale to Kodak are the most likely scenarios. If it goes to Kodak I hope we get a huge premium--we deserve it.

    • Nonsense. This company is a buy. May sell down a little longer with the rest of the market -- big sucker selloff of the summer is coming just like the last 3 years.

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      • I agree with you regarding the inherent value of the company and we as shareholders feel the company is a buy and the stock price should be higher. The fact of the matter is the stock price doesn't seem to move much and despite increased value and the stock market in general making a small recovery, the stock was trading higher three years ago. The trading range has settled into the $13-$16 range despite adding to the bottom line with consecutive positve revenues/earnings quarter after quarter. I hold 23,000+ shares and I have come to the conclusion the only way I can get my investment out with a reasonable return is a sale of the company. There is a time to hold and a time to sell. The M+A is picking up and the shareholders of RIMG need to consider taking advantage of it. Just my opinion. Please don't misunderstand I like the company and management seems to be doing fairly well but we learned years ago that you can't just hold onto companies and think they will do well forever. Good luck!