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  • mr_whippet_2001 mr_whippet_2001 Oct 27, 2003 12:56 PM Flag

    I called the number referred to us by

    Mr Spiggot. Here is what I found out: 1)First of all the phone number is to an investment house that mainly recommends Chinese internet companies. Their website is
    2)The man I spoke to on the phone was very nice and courteous and said that he has a HOLD position on QSND and does not recommend a BUY rating right now.
    3) He said QSND lost some major account and that he is waiting to see if the company can turn things around. He did mention that they have some promising products though.
    4) He said to the best of his knowledge that the insiders did not own stock because they could not afford to buy shares right now. I told him that I don't invest in companies where the owners can not be substantially rewarded. He said that he THINKS the owners have spread there investments in other areas to DIVERSIFY their risk.
    I swear this is what I heard and have no reason to lie. Of course, we should keep in mind that this is an investment analyst and also, that I am not quoting him but parapharasing. The only one appearing to be telling misleading falsehoods is mr spiggot.
    IMHO, there could be great upside to this stock, but the evidence of lack of substantial sales, losing a strategic account, and lack of insider rewards make this investment a VERY RISKY ONE!

    No, I am not a short. I was real close to putting some major $$$$ into this company, but yes, I have Mr Spiggot to thank for providing me this phone number.

    Buyer beware!

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    • Basher, you question that I can state that soft audio is coming, either via microQ and/or Philips. You even question, I think, that soft audio is actually needed.

      You do not have to believe me, that is fine. There are ways you could chase down to confirm what is fact, but will you?

      If I write facts here, why should you think it is so? The truth for you (and for anybody) is that you must be the finder of the truth. An individual cannot be force-fed truth. Would I believe SandSurfSun if he wrote QSND found the secret to life?

    • Dreamer - congrats on your last post - for the first time in eons you attained near rationality with your comments. However - I must offer that you do hype the stock with speculations rather than hard facts. When you say 'soft audio will make its mark in 2004' and that 'Philips will soon announce' you are doing nothing more than hyping with hope.

    • Basher, you consistently state negative biases, often incorrect, about QSND. If you would state incorrect positives, I would correct you as well. You now wish to call my posts �hype,� but where am I selling you on QSND? I just list facts, such as your not realizing QSND insiders had options on 900,000 shares of QSND. Is the event of my telling you a fact �hype�? What about my suggesting relevant questions for you to ask Dr. Qiu?

      Speaking of that, was my referring you to Dr. Qiu �hype�? You seem to be thanking me for that, because it put you in a wait-and-see mode. Which, by the way, is fine by me. I am not here to sell you on QSND. QSND is one of those investments that has an up and a down view. Will microQ come out? Will Philips come out? Will QTelNet spring to life? Your job is to determine the extent of QSND�s new and/or acquired products to establish sharply higher revenues.

      For instance: microQ. Sold to whom? What are the royalties or was it a one time payment? How many microQ �whoms� anyway?
      Another example: Philips: Will it be the card be sold to someone? What are the royalties?
      And QTelNet: Have you spoken with e-tel about their products or potential?

      Is looking into these new QSND products "hype" or something that might be relevant to QSND's future price?

    • Basher, All your IDs seem to have offer the same summation whether you claim to own QSND or not. You spout the same stuff over and over. �QSND just too risky. Buyer Beware!!!� What ya selling?

      In fact if you talked to Dr. Qiu you might have found out something slightly different than you "reported."

      1) QSND lost one (1) major account, Starkey. It has been known for years, and Dr Qiu has had that in his projections for this year and last year.

      2) Dr. Qiu presently believes �the stock will perform inline with market, and down side risks are limited because of the strong balance sheet,� but he also believes new announcements could be quite positive.

      3) Dr. Qui would have told you that, �So far, QSND has two deals signed regarding microQ. Revenues should start to come in 2004.� If you were inquisitive, basher, you should have asked him about Philips, or is that hidden in your �promising products� comment?

      4) The insiders own over 12% of QSND�s stock, providing that they exercise their options. Their options are in the money, so it would appear that this is a probable event. The last time an insider exercised an option, the stock was at $16 and he sold that exercised option's stock. This time there is no exercising taking place, although insiders could currently triple their money. If the insiders anticipate exercising their options to acquire the stock, why should they buy more stock? You want them to own 20%?

      Now, basher�. Where is my miseading �falsehood�?

    • thank you, mr. whippet. very informative.

      i'll remain in the 'buy' sentiment category. if i'm right, i'm right. if i'm wrong, i'm wrong.

      anybody can check it out just like mr. whippet did.

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