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  • qsand1us qsand1us Mar 25, 2006 10:46 AM Flag

    <<<Delisting Concerns>>>


    HERE ARE THE FACTS. Pick any one that you want and tell us what QSND can do to stop delisting.

    1) Market below $35, million

    2) Shareholder equity is less than $70,000 from falling below the required $2.5 million mark.

    3) QSND needs net income from continuing operations of $500,000 in the most recently completed fiscal year or in two of the last three most recently completed fiscal years.

    <<<QSND has to be in compliance to only one of the above to remain listed. >>>

    A) QSND CEO stated that he expected expenses to be the same for 2006 as in 2005.

    B) QSND has been showing a net loss of $500,000 per quarter.

    C) There is no revenue generating news for the 1st quarter.

    D) <<<Where is the revenue going to come from to prevent shareholder equity from falling below the required $2.5 million?

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<DELISTING HISTORY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1) June 2001, QSND does a 4 for 1 reverse split to avoid delisting.

    2) August 2001, QSND share price is still under $1. Delisting is knocking on QSND's door.

    3) 9/11 the world trade center is hit and the NASDAQ halts the delisting of QSND and other companies.

    4) December a private investor gives QSNS $2 million for shares at a discount to the market.

    5) Without this $2 million, QSND would have faced delisting again.

    6) Here we are again with delisting concerns.

    7) <<< QSND is less than $70,000 in shareholder equity from being delisted. >>>


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Basher, your SPAZ is out of business, and last week QSND came out with their 2005 earnings report. Losses again for QSND, BUT the stock is micoQ-behaving. Can you feel it?

      Basher, you as ask me, "Mr Spig, When will you sell???" Well, with microQ JUST about to come out to roll out in QCOM and BRCM... something that will make QSND "sexy"... Not now, baby!

      You further ask, "Where will you sell if it goes down???" Basher, you seem to lack faith. Down? Why would QSND go down when QCOM and BRCM are about to roll out QSND powered products, WHILE EVERYONE PRESENTLY IS WONDERING WHERE THEY ARE?

      Study what you did here yesterday, basher. You posted many, many posts, changing IDs as you went, but it was all for not. You will continue posting this weekend, but again, you will gain nothing from it. Simply put, QSND has made it. As BRCM and QCOM roll out QSND products, QSND stock will move sharply higher.

      Let me put it this way, my burger flipper. You could be doing something positive for your life, or you can continue to bash-post here and get me to buy more shares. Your posts have a buy-effect on me. (Actually, they do. Why? They give me insight into why someone might sell QSND, but I believe that resoning is incorrect. Understanding the "seller" is important to my trading.)