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  • fine_wine_4_me fine_wine_4_me Jun 3, 2006 11:07 PM Flag

    Evestor2002=Voice of reason.

    Thank you Evestor.
    I sit here more confident than ever that QSND is truly on its way as the partner(s) are on the threashold of distribution.

    My bet is the basher under many names with too much time on his hands will fade away to obscurity by years end.

    I appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughful message. Personally, I know some of the new money that is involved here and they dont tend to make mistakes.

    Our patience is about to pay off...and rather nicely at that.

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    • Dreamer - thankfully - I never invested in SPAZ. But this board is about QSND and its many issues. Try to stick to the topic.

    • Wrong - the "big picture" is that

      a) QSound has never been in a better position than it is today -- it has multiple deals signed that alone are as big or bigger than any other deal it has ever had (including Starkey). Broadcom, Qualcomm, etc...

      b) the basher's SPAZ.OB is being liquidated for a penny at best, nothing at worst.

      c) the basher is very upset by (a) and (b) above.

    • is that you've had a losing investment in Q for at least 8 years.

    • Basher, the "big" picture is:

      1) You posted with two IDs just before going to work.

      2) You claim to be in a "club" which is short QSND and that different "club" members post here independently. However, all your "club" posts follow the same absolute rules: A) Do not call QSND for clarification, B) Do not call any partners of QSND, C) Do not attend any trade shows, D) post bash every morning two hours before the market opens, E) Revert to name calling against shareholders of QSND, and F) misinterpret links posted about QSND.

      3) BRCM and QCOM are coming. As strange as this may sound, the more people question that, the more QSND will react positively when those two partners roll out. And they will.

      4) Basher, you are quick to wish that QSND be down 20% in three months, but why did the Belzbergs just come into QSND and pick up 5% of the company before your proposed dip? The multi-billion dollar Belzberg family and QSND... Is it possible the Belzbergs did a little more homework of QSND than you? And they don't even post... Go figure.

    • LOL.

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      • If you can't stand being proven wrong over and over again, basher-from-SPAZ.OB, maybe you should just put your money in CD's (what's left of it in your failed SPAZ.OB investment that you hyped on this board for years) and let the pros do the heavy lifting here.

        QSound has surpassed your SPAZ in every way and doesn't face a cash crunch (like your SPAZ) and has invested in market leading technology (unlike your SPAZ). That is a formula for success and with cash balances rising and the Broadcom deal virtually underway, the future has never been brighter for QSound longs.

        Your resorting to 2nd-grade level discourse merely solidifies my point all the more. Sorry again about your SPAZ.OB and its current liquidation that isn't going very well.

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